Natasha’s POV
Oscar and I were at my church, talking to the Senior Pastor, June’s dad concerning our date for the
It was weird for me because just months ago, June and I were talking to him concerning our marriage and
he was advising us.
I wanted to get married in Oscar’s church but he insisted on doing it in mine because here’s my home and
since he’ll be taking me away to another country, it’ll be best to do get married at my home before I leave
it to a different place.
“I’m happy for you Natasha and I wish I would be there to see this wonderful union but I will be traveling
soon”, he said.
“Oh, so which pastor will be in charge?” I asked.
“I would have to discuss with them and get back to you”, he said.
“Are you both sure with the date you’ve picked out”? He asked.
“Yeah, 1st September is cool”, Oscar said.
“Alright. So I’ll get back to you and then the necessary preparations can begin”, he said and we shook
hands with him and left his office.
On our way out, we met June.
“Hey”, he said to us.
“Hello June”, I said, hoping that Oscar will be cool.
“How are you Tasha?”
“I’m great. You? “
“I’m fine. I heard the great news. Congratulations to you two”, he said, smiling at Oscar.
“Thank you”, Oscar said, returning the smile.
“We’ll see you around”, I said to him and we were about to leave but he interrupted us.
“I hope you’ve heard my great news” He said.
“You’re getting married too?” I asked.
“No, I’m getting ordained as a pastor”
“Oh, that’s great”, I said, grinning. I was really happy for him.
“I hope you’ll be there. I mean the both of you. I’ll really appreciate and need the support”, he said.
“We’ll be there. Any friend of Nat is my friend too”, Oscar said and it made me smile.
“When is it?” I asked.
“Next week Sunday”.
“Alright, we’ll be there”, Oscar said and then we left.
“Will you be fine going for his ordination?” Oscar asked me.
“I should be asking you that”, I said.
“Why? He’s not my ex. If you’re not comfortable with that, we don’t have to be present”.
“Oh Lord, I’m supposed to be telling you that. Not the other way round”.
“I don’t have a problem with him. I should be thanking him for being a jerk to you and leading you
straight into my arms”.
“Hmm, sometimes I wonder which planet you dropped from. And yeah, I’ll be fine if we are there for him.
He was a good friend. He only failed in our relationship”, I said.
“Mmm, alright. But I thought he was already a pastor”.
“Mmm yeah, but it wasn‟t official yet”.
“Okay”, he said, opening the door for me to get in. He also got in and drove off.
“Do you really have to go for this girl’s whatever”, Oscar said and I glared at him.
“It’s been a while since I met with them all. So yeah, I have to”.
“Here I was, thinking that you’d want to spend the rest of the day with me”.
“You know I would love to but this is just a once in a while thing”.
“Mmm, but you’ll have your bachelorette’s night before our wedding. You’ll meet them all at that time”.
“I’m not planning on having one. I’ll just hang out with my parents that night. You know I’ll be leaving
“Mmm, I see”.
“Yeah, I know you’ll miss me, but it’s just today”, I said, pecking him on the cheek and he smiled.
We drove for a while and he dropped me off at April’s house.
We were having the girl’s sleepover at her house.
“Bye baby”, I said, pecking him and I stepped out of the car.
April asked me to come early so that I could help her set the place up.
She decided to buy a home theatre finally.
I always wondered how she could stay in that house without one. I love music a lot and I’m not sure I can
live in a house without speakers.
She also borrowed a projector from her work place. April loves organizing programs and event. We’ve all
been telling her to turn her hobby to one of her occupations but she just doesn’t listen.
I walked into her house. As usual, it was unlocked. It’s left with the day that she’ll get robbed.
When I walked in, I saw the changes she had done in hall.
She’s really good. She had changed the lights, connected the speakers and projector, set the mattresses on
the floor and laid them too.
“April”, I called out.
“I’m in the kitchen” she yelled.
I placed my things on the bed and I went to the kitchen.
“I thought we planned on ordering for everything. I’m so not cooking”, I said to her.
“I know. I’ve ordered for everything, I just decided to cook something small”.
“Well, I‟m going to the living room then”.
“Just stay. It’s not like you’re the one cooking”.
“Staying here will make me feel like I’m cooking”, I said, leaving the kitchen.
“You’re so annoying”, she yelled.
“And you love me like that”, I yelled back.
I went to the living room and dived on the bed. I decided to take a short nap before the other girls arrived.

So all the girls were in and we were eating and catching up.
“Who remembers when April confronted that annoying female lecturer”, one of them said and we all
“Yeah, yeah, when she told her to stop treating us like we’re two years old. Someone had to put that
woman in her place”.
“Mmm, and you all chickened out and didn’t stand by me. Thank you girls, you’re the best”, April said
and rolled her eyes.
“Mmmm, so Nat you’re finally getting married “, one of them said.
“To June?” Another one asked and everyone glared at her.
“What?” She asked.
“Are you even this world? She and June are old news. It’s Oscar now”, another girl said.
“Ohh, what happened? I liked June”, she said.
“Well, he’s single now, you can go for him”, another one chipped in.
“Tasha, I’m happy for you. I pray he keeps you happy”.
“Amen, I’ll be sending in the cloth and style for you all to sew except Juliet and Tracy of course”, I said.
“Oh. That fact that we’re married doesn’t mean that we can’t be part of the bridal train”, Juliet said.
“Oh yours is better. I’m a divorcée and she still thinks that I can’t be her maid of honor”, April said and
they all laughed.
“You know I was joking”, I said.
“Girls on that day, we all have to dance and kill it. Tasha you need to go for dance lessons, we don’t want
you to pull us all down on that day”, one of them said and everyone laughed.
“Oscar is a great dancer, I’m sure he’ll make her dance that day”, April said.
“I hope the guys that he’s bringing can dance”.
“And I hope they’re cute too”.
“Thirsty girls. Relax, it’s Tasha’s day you can’t be thinking of your selfish desires”, April said to them.
We kept on talking and after eating, we decided to watch a scary movie and yeah, we screamed our lungs
I don’t know about you or them, but even if it’s a scary movie or comedy, my eyes still get heavy.
So along the line, I fell asleep and I woke up to meet an angry Oscar in front of me.
“Nat are you being serious?” He asked me.
“What?” I asked yawning. I looked around and realized that everyone was gone. I was alone in the living
room. Where the heck is April??
“You said you were coming over today so that we’ll work on our wedding preparations and I’ve called you
several times and you’re not picking up. You think this wedding is a joke?”
“Oscar chill, I was asleep”, I said, wondering what had gotten into him.
“Asleep? Do you even know the time is? It’s 1 in the afternoon”, he said and I widened my eyes.
“1? How come? Was I on a sleeping pill or something?”
“You’re asking me?”
“Oscar relax. I’m sorry but I don’t control my sleep, I’m sure I over slept cos I over ate and I was really
tired and we slept late too”, I said, defending myself.
“Now you’re telling me this. The other time I didn’t show up early at your place, you remember what you
did?” He asked.
“That’s different Oscar and stop making this a big deal”.
“A big deal?? You know what, when you’re ready to plan this wedding and you’re back to your right self,
you know where to find me”, he said, walking away.
“Oh Oscar”, I called out but he left.
Immediately he left, April walked in.
“So you were awake and you couldn’t bother to wake me up or something”.
“Wake you up for what? It’s not like you have work today. I wanted you to sleep and have a good rest”,
she said.
“Hmm, so everyone is gone ?”
“Yeah. And what’s up with Oscar? He came in here looking like he woke up at the wrong side of his bed”.
“Hmm, he’s mad at me. We were supposed to plan our wedding today. I told him that I’ll come over to his
place this morning, so that we can make plans but it’s already one and I’m still here”.
“Hmmm, I get it”.
“I hate it when we have these arguments”.
“Did you apologize?”
“I think I did”
“You think?”
“But he didn’t give me a chance to”.
“I heard both of you arguing and you had the chance to apologize but you used it up to defend yourself”.
“Hmm, I was just explaining things to him”.
“Sometimes, just apologizing solves everything and then if he should ask you for explanation then you
explain without making it seem like you’re right”.
“True. When did you become so smart?” I asked her and she rolled her eyes.
“I think I need to take your job, you’re sucking at it”, She said to me and I glared at her.
“Yeah, so what are you waiting for? Get up and take a shower, eat something and I’ll drop you off at his
place”, she said and I fell back on the mattress.
Honestly I was really tired and still sleepy.
“Tasha!!!” She yelled and she pulled me off the mattress to the floor.
“You’re so mean”, I said, getting up.
“You better hit the shower or I’ll do something worse”, she said and I glared at her and left.

April dropped me off and I walked to his door and pressed the bell.
It took a while before he opened the door.
He stepped aside for me to walk in.
“I’m really sorry Oscar”, I said, hugging him and he didn’t hug me back.
“Well, I’m not releasing you till you hug me too”, I said and he just stood there.
“Okay, then I guess we’re going to stand here for a while. I’m the one enjoying at least”, I said, placing my
head on his chest.
I squeezed him further and then he gave up and hugged me too.
“I’m really sorry for what I did, please forgive me”, I said to him.
“It’s alright. I shouldn’t have overreacted too”, he said, releasing his grip and I released mine and finally
walked in.
“No, we’re not sharing the blame on this one. I’m the only one at fault”, I said and he nodded.
“Alright, I forgive you”.
“Thank you baby”, I said, smiling.
We both sat on the couch and he took out his phone.
“So whiles you were away, I started working on our wedding plans. I think it’ll be best to pick eventglamour to organize our reception. So the only thing we’ll have to worry about is the invitation cards, the
church wedding, and other things” he said.
“Mmm, that’s cool but I’ll like to oversee everything, I don’t want them doing their own thing”, I said and
he chuckled.
“Yes madam”, he said.
We discussed more on our wedding preparations and made some calls.
“I can’t believe that we’re actually getting married. It’s so amazing”? I said, grinning.
“Yeah, it is. Hmm, we’ve never discussed kids though, how many do you want?” He asked me.
“Six. Three boys, three girls”, I said happily and Oscar widened his eyes.
“Six?! Are you serious?”
“Yeah. Being the only child made me lonely and I always admired those who had siblings”.
“I get it but six is too much Nat”.
“Are you the one giving birth to them?”
“Well, we’re both going to raise them and I can’t imagine having six kids. I’ll go crazy. Can’t we just have
“Two??? No, Four”.
“Three? ?”
“Okay, three and maybe one more later”.
“Well, it depends on me”, I said.
“Hmm, Nat stop that”.
“Okay, how many boys and girls?” I asked him.
“Just girls?” he said.
“Huh? You must be crazy. No boy?”
“Well, I want three little Nats running around”.
“And no little Oscar? You’re so selfish”.
“Okay, one boy and two girls”.
“I don’t even know why we’re arguing about this. At the end it’s in God’s hands not ours”, I said.
“Well, I can pray and tell God what I want”, he said.
“Hmm, we shall see”.
“Well, whatever comes I’ll accept. I just can’t wait for little Nat though” he said and I rolled my eyes.
We talked for a while till I got a call from the pastor.
“You know June will be getting ordained a week before your wedding right?” He said.
“Yeah, so we all decided that he should be the one to officiate the wedding”, he said and my eyes widened.


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