My Muse: Chapter 2

Oscar’s POV
“Monica not today”, I said to her.
“Oh Oscar, I can see that you‟re hungry and tired, and you look like you just…..”
“Monica, what is it?” I asked in frustration. I was really late for work and wasn‟t ready for her drama.
“Mabel told me what happened”, she said, giving me the pity face.
“Oh God!! I told her to stop telling you things concerning our relationship!!” I yelled.
I just don‟t get it. Other girls were the ones who saw when someone was trying to get their man, but
Mabel was so oblivious to it. Monica was always making moves at me right under her nose, but she
always never noticed it, and when I try to let her see things clearly, I became the bad person.
The truth is I met Monica first, and it was lust at first sight. You need to see them; their curves and beauty
were something you can‟t get your eyes off. Yeah, they are identical.
We became friends but she placed me in the brother zone, it took me a long while to try to get out of that
horrible place.
As I tried hard, I rather became close to her sister. Mabel and I became friends and then we fell for each
other and started dating.
Just when we started dating, Monica started making moves at me and I always had to turn her down.
I always tried to tell Mabel about it, but she always changed the topic whenever I brought up her sister or
sometimes she says that she met me through Monica and that I was like a brother to Monica.
She just doesn‟t get it!
“Well, she‟s my twin sister, what do you expect? And do you really want to get married to her?” Monica
“Look, I‟m not ready for this and as you can see, I‟m a bit cranky, so if you came here to gloat, do it
quickly and leave”.
“Oh Oscar you know I‟ll never do that to you. I care about you so much”, she said, cupping my cheeks
and I threw her hands off me.
“Oscar, stop doing that, I‟m just here to comfort you”, she said.
“I‟m fine, just go please”.
“Why do you hate me so much?” she said tearing up.
“Monica, I don‟t hate you. You know that. I just want to be on my own for now, and I‟m really late for
work too, you know your dad is already on my neck and….”
“I‟ve already taken care of that. I sent in a letter on your behalf. So you don‟t have to worry”, she said,
“You what?! Monica, you can‟t just do that and…”
“I think the word you‟re looking for is thank you and please let me in, I‟m tired of standing outside”, she
said, whining.
I didn‟t know what to say or do, I just gave up and let her in and she really came prepared. She had a big
bag filled with things I knew nothing about.
“What‟s in the bag?” I asked her.
“Drinks, food items and my laptop. I‟m going to cook something for you to eat and we‟ll watch a movie
together. Like old times”, she said, smiling.
“Oscar, just shut up for once. I‟m not here to fight you, I‟m just here as your sister. You‟re my brother.
Remember?” she said, battling her eyelashes at me.
“Fine, I’ll just go and wash down”, I said to her and I left.
Natasha’s POV
Today was really tiring for me, so I decided to close early. I needed to rest and try to forget June and his
I took a cab and went home. Yeah, I didn‟t have a car yet and it wasn‟t really necessary to me at that
moment. My dad dropped me off most of the time and I always took a bus back home. But today, I
decided to take a cab because I was really tired.
When I got home, I saw June‟s car parked outside my house and I just hoped that he wasn‟t inside,
though it was clear that he was in. That should tell you how much I didn‟t want to see him.
I walked inside, and there he was, in my living room, talking to my mum. They were both laughing and I
rolled my eyes on seeing them.
As I closed the door, they both turned to look at me.
“She‟s here”, June said, smiling at me.
“Let me excuse you two”, my mum said, smiling at me.
At this moment, if eyes could kill, my mum would be on the floor right now.
As soon as my mum was out of sight, I turned to face June.
“Why are you here?!” I asked.
“To apologize and make it up to you”.
“I‟m really sick and tired of this relationship, June. You‟ve really hurt me this time. How could you do
that to me?!”
“I know Tasha and I‟m really sorry and I want to make it up to you”.
“It‟s not about making it up to me. You have to change!!!”
“I will Tash, I will”.
“I‟ve heard you, but right now, I‟m really tired and I want to sleep”.
“Alright, but give me a hug before I go”, he said, smiling and I glared at him. I knew he wasn’t going to
go till I hugged him, so I did it.
“Please call me when you‟re up, I will love to take you out”.
“No problem, as long as you don‟t stand me up again”.
“I won‟t love. Sleep well okay”, he said, and he hugged me one more time and left.
This time, I hope he doesn’t fail me.
I woke up later to the sound of my phone. Oh God, who could that, be? I wondered.
It was June.
“Natasha are you up already?” he asked.
“You just woke me up”, I said, groaning.
“I‟m so sorry, but it‟s already 7 and our date is at 8”, he said.
“Oh okay, you really want to be early huh?” I said, teasing him.
“Yeah and I have a surprise for you?” he said.
“What is it?” I asked, sitting up.
“You just heard me say it‟s a surprise. You‟ll find out soon”, he said, and he hanged up.

June took me to a fancy restaurant and we were having a nice time, but the surprise was still in my head,
what could that be? I wondered.
Wait. Is he going to ask me to be his wife? Will I want that? No! We need to make this relationship work
before we can move into marriage.
I doubt it‟s marriage. What else will it be? Hmm, I just have to be patient then, I said to myself.
I noticed him staring at me and I lifted my head to stare back.
“What?” I asked him.
“I‟m blessed”, he said, smiling.
“Mmmmhmmm, why do you say so?” I said, wondering where this was getting to.
“Because I have someone as beautiful and loving as you in my life”, he said, smiling.
I was really blushing, if I was white, my cheeks would be over red, I mean more than red, if there‟s a
word for that.
“Thank you, June”, I said, looking away.
“You‟re welcome Love. And I really mean every word I said. You‟re so beautiful and you‟re loyal and
loving. I love you so much and that‟s why I want us to move forward in our relationship”, he said, and I
started getting uncomfortable.
I think he‟s going to ask me. Oh God, please help me out. I can‟t do this right now.
“Tash”, he said, leaning in and he held my hands.
“Uhm, I need to use the washroom”, I said, getting up quickly and I ran to the wash room.
When I got there, I was panting. Oh my God, he‟s going to ask me. I can‟t, I can‟t. I really love him and
want things to work, but marriage isn‟t the solution. Part of me wants this, and a part of me is really
What do I do now? I walked back and forth in the washroom.
I took my phone out and called April.
“Hey girl, what‟s up?” she said.
“Hmm, I‟m in a confused state right now and I feel like I‟m going to throw up”, I said pacing back and
“What is it?” she asked, worried.
“I think June is going to ask me to be his wife”.
“Huh? Like how? Isn‟t he the one who stood you up yesterday?” she asked.
“Yeah, but he explained things to me and………”
“And now he wants to make you his wife? Oh no. Things don‟t work like that; if I was there I would
punch him in his guts. How can he just do that? Wait, what makes you thing that he‟s going to ask you”.
“He told me that he had a surprise for me and then he took me to a fancy restaurant. He began saying
some nice words and with the way things were going, I just had a feeling that he was going to ask. So I
excused myself and ran off”, I said, feeling bad for what I did.
April burst out laughing.
“Girl, you‟re crazy”, she said laughing.
“I didn‟t know what to do”.
“Hmm, just be you. Go back and if he does ask you, just tell him your mind. Tell him what the working
part of your mind is saying and not the silly part of your mind”, she said, laughing.
“I‟ll feel really bad saying no to him. I can‟t say no. it‟s going to be difficult”, I said, worried.
“You better not say yes, when you don‟t want it. You remember my marriage right? Do not make the
same mistake. Tasha please be wise. You can say yes later, when things work out, not now”.
“Alright, I hear you, I have to go now”, I said.
“Okay, please be wise”, she said and she hanged up.
I went back and sat down quietly, still hoping that he wasn‟t going to ask me out but immediately he saw
me, he went down on one knee.
“Tasha, I will love you to be my wife”, he said, holding a ring in his hand.
I don’t know how it happened, but I heard my self saying a yes.
Oscar’s POV
Letting Monica into my house wasn‟t a bad idea after all.
She prepared a nice dish for me, and after that we were so weak and sleepy. So I made her sleep in the
guest room and I slept in my room.
I woke up finally and the sun had already set. It took me a while to remember that Monica was in my
I got up and went to the guest room, to check if she was up.
And to my surprise, she was up and cleaning my messed up house. I was really amazed at her kind
“Hey”, I said to her as I walked into my living room. She was mopping the floor.
“Hey, you‟re up”, she said, smiling.
“Monica, you don‟t have to do all these”.
“I woke up and I was bored and your sleepy head wasn‟t up yet, so I decided to clean”, she said, smiling.
“That‟s nice of you, but I‟m up now, I can continue”.
“Boy please. I didn‟t say that I was tired, just let me finish and we can watch a movie or something”, she
said, waving me off.
“Why are you doing all these?” I asked her.
“Because I care about you, and I know how it feels to ask a girl out and get turned down”, she said.
“Why you‟ve asked a girl out before?” I asked, laughing.
“Silly boy. No, but I can imagine what it feels like. Do you want to talk about it?”
“No, no. just finish up and then we can watch the movie”, I said, sitting on the couch.
“Alright, do you need any other thing?” she asked.
“No, I‟m good”.
“Has she called you today?” she asked.
“Monica, can we please not talk about your sister?”
“Okay, so what should we talk about?”
“You, what‟s up with you?” I asked.
“Me? oh, I‟m so touched. You know, ever since you and my sister started dating, you‟ve never asked me
anything concerning me”.
“Really? I‟m so sorry about that. But you were always trying to make a move at me, so I had to do what I
had to do and….” I was interrupted when the doorbell went off.
I was about to get the door, but I stepped on the wet floor and slipped. I fell to the ground and hit my head
on the floor really hard and everything went blank.


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