Natasha’s POV
“Uhmm. Will that be a good idea? Aren’t other pastors available?”
“Since he just got ordained we decided that he officiates his first wedding now, and it happens to be
“Is he cool with it?” I asked.
“Yeah, he was happy about it and said something about his prophecy coming true”, he said and I
remembered what he told me the day he broke things off with me.
God is indeed great and true to his words.
“Are you okay with it?” He asked me.
“As long as June is fine, then it’s not a big deal”, I said and Oscar looked at me with questioning looks.
“Okay, congratulations once again”.
“Thank you”, I said and he hanged up.
“What was that about?” Oscar asked me.
“They’ve gotten a pastor to officiate our wedding”.
“And it’s June?” He asked and I nodded hoping that he’ll be cool with it.
“Are you okay with that?” He asked.
“Oh Lord, I was hoping that you’ll be cool with it and you’re asking me”.
“Why won’t I be cool? I got the girl and he gets to officiate the wedding. It’s a win Nat and I’m happy and
can’t wait to make you my wife”.
“Talking like I’m a trophy”.
“You’re a trophy, Nat. My trophy”, he said and although I tried to act normal, my feelings and smile
couldn’t cooperate with me. I was smiling really wide and Oscar winked at me.
“And you did this hair again. I told you that I don’t like it”.
“I did it intentionally. The other time I asked you to leave your beard and you shaved it”.
“You were lusting after it too much”.
“Oh really, it better grows before our wedding or I’ll leave you on the aisle”.
“Wow, you see you’re still lusting. Anyway please don’t use this hair on our wedding day too”.
“Of course, I won’t silly”.
Oscar didn’t like it when I fixed bangs in front of my hair. He didn’t understand why the hair should be
covering my fore head and be showing half of my face.
We talked for some time and when it was getting late he dropped me off at home.
Few days before the wedding night
My mum, April and I were at the bridal shop picking out a wedding gown for me.
They were already frustrating me. This was the fifth dress I had tried on and still they were not cool with
“How about this one?” I said, stepping out of the changing room.
“No, the sleeves are long, you’ll die inside”, April said and I glared at her.
“I agree with April”.
“Arghhh!! You both should better decide and pick out the next one cos I won’t change again after that”, I
said folding my arms.
They both started going through the dresses and I waited patiently for them.
I could see that the attendant was also getting frustrated and tired.
After a while they both agreed on one and placed it in my hands.
“Are you sure this is it? I’m not trying anything again after this”, I said and they both nodded.
I took it in and changed and when I was done, I looked at myself in the mirror.
It was really lovely. I think being patient with them was the best and I’m sure they’ll love this.
I stepped out and the looks they had on their faces made me know that they approved it.
“Oh my baby girl”, my mum said, smiling.
“I knew that this was going to suite you. You look gorgeous Tash”, April said.
“Yeah, it’s so lovely”, my mum said.
“What do you think?” April asked the attendant.
“It’s lovely”, she said, smiling.
I couldn’t tell if she was being totally honest or she was just relieved that we had picked out one.
I went back to the changing room and I took out my phone to text Oscar.
‘We’ve finally picked out one’ .
I waited a while and he replied.
‘Oh great, take a selfie and send it’.
‘Really?? You’ll see it on that day’.
‘That’s not fair. Or you believe that myth about seeing the bride in her gown before the wedding day?’
‘No, but I want you to see it that day so that your jaws will drop’.
‘Oh, I see. I can’t wait then’.
‘Yeah. I’ll call you later, I need to change and step out, I’m sure my mum and April are wondering why I
wasn‟t out yet’
‘Okay. Bye♥’
‘Bye baby♥’.
I quickly changed my dress and then I stepped out.
We paid for the dress and the veil it came with and then we left to the accessories and shoe shop.
I picked out a nude stilettos and silver accessories.
We also went around the city, checking up on things. Preparing for a wedding is really stressful.
When we were done with all our rounds, April dropped us at home and left.

A night before the wedding
Oscar was out with his old friends from school and I was out with my parents.
We decided to go to the private beach close to our house to hang out. We invited April and her parents too.
We were all chatting and playing card games when I received a call from Oscar.
“Miss me already?” I asked.
“Yeah, come to the car park, I’m there”.
“What? Are you serious?”
“Yeah, just for 5 minutes. I want to see you before tomorrow”.
“Where are your friends?”
“On their way to my house. We’ve already had some fun out”.
“I see. So you left them?”
“I just took a detour. Please come now”, he said.
“Okay, okay. I’m coming”, I said hanging up.
“I’ll be right back”, I said to my folks and I ran off before they could ask me questions.
When I got to the car park. I met Oscar there with a lot of guys.
Now I was shy. He lied to me.
“Oscar?” I said, folding my arms.
“I’m sorry I lied, but if I had told you that I was with them, you won’t show up. They all wanted to meet
you before tomorrow”, he said and I forced a smile.
“Hello” I said to them and they all said their hellos in their own different ways.
I spoke to them for a while till I told them that I had to get back to my folks.
They were really nice people. I wondered why Oscar wasn’t in touch with them that much. When I asked
him he just said he was busy and blah blah.
“I’ll see you tomorrow”, he said pecking me on my cheek. “And tomorrow, it’ll be your lips”, he said and
he got into his car.
I went back to my folks and they questioned me on my disappearance and I told them what happened.
We talked more and when we were tired, we all left to our various destinations. April’s parents went their
way, April did the same and I left with my parents.
I couldn‟t wait for tomorrow!!

Today was supposed to be my happy day. But it turned out to be my worst nightmare.
I was happy to be finally getting married to Oscar.
As I walked down the aisle with my dad, tears of Joy were all over my cheeks. I couldn’t believe it.
Everyone stood up with a weird look on their face. What’s going on? They were supposed to be smiling.
My dad also noticed it. “Don’t panic or mind the looks you’re receiving”, he said and I relaxed a bit.
I looked at April, she’s supposed to be cheering me up but she looked confused.
As we got to the altar, I finally understood why they all had those looks on their faces.
Oscar wasn’t there.
Where could he be? I said to myself panicking.
“Where’s Oscar?” June whispered in my ear.
“I don’t know”.
I looked around and his family members were all there, but Oscar wasn’t here!!
I took my seat and June started talking and sharing the word.
“April please go and question Vincent on the whereabouts of Oscar”, I said to her and she left.
After some few minutes, she returned.
“He has no idea. They’ve been calling him since morning and no one has gotten a hold of him. He even
drove to his house and he wasn’t there”, she said.
“Oh my God!!! I just hope nothing bad has happened to him. God please protect him wherever he is and
bring him safely here”, I said.
I started tearing up. I couldn’t believe this was happening.
It was time for the exchange of vows and there was still no sign of Oscar.
I was called forward to the altar and I couldn’t get myself to move. I was just in tears.
“Tash, just go. He might show up and I’m right behind you, you’re not going to go through anything alone,
I’m here for you”, April said, pulling me up.
I walked to the altar and June was smiling.
“Maybe this is a sign that I didn’t get the prophecy right”, he said and I almost slapped him but he was a
man of God, so I relaxed.
“He’s going to come, you watch and see”, I said to June and he had this weird grin plastered on his face.
I stood there patiently waiting for him and the whole church became really noisy. Everyone was probably
talking about my almost failed marriage but I trust that God won’t let me down.
The place suddenly became really quiet and I heard Oscar’s footsteps. I was so happy and I had a huge
grin on my face but my face became still when I turned back and saw Oscar in a casual outfit.
“You’re not dressed!!??” I said to him as he approached me.
He didn’t say anything till he got to the altar.
“I’m sorry Natasha, but I can’t do this. I don’t think you’re the one for me”, he said and was about to leave
but April stopped him and slapped him so hard.
He just ignored her and left.
“Oscar, Oscar!!!” I yelled but he didn’t even flinch.
“Oscar please don’t do this to me”, I yelled, running after him.
“Oscar!!! Oscar!!”
“Tasha!!” Someone called out.
“Tasha wake up!!!”
I quickly jumped off my bed.
“Oscar, Oscar, where’s he”, I asked April who was standing in front of my bed.
“In his house getting ready and you’re just here, having nightmares and yelling the poor boy’s name”.
“Oh my God it‟s just a dream”, I said to myself.
“It’s just a dream”, I said, jumping.
“Yeah now you know. Do you also know that you’re late”, April said folding her arms and that’s when I
realized that she was already dressed.
“What’s the time”? I asked.
“It’s past nine”, April yelled and I widened my eyes.
“Why didn’t anyone wake me up?!!”
“Who wakes a bride up on her wedding day. We actually thought that you were up and doing your own
things till Oscar called and told us that he had called you several times but you weren’t picking up”.
“Really?” I said picking my phone up and I saw his missed calls.
“Don’t you dare call back. Hit the showers and come down. Your make-up artiste and hair stylist are
waiting”, April said.
“April you’re so mean. It’s my wedding, be nice to me”, I said pouting my lips.
“Now, Tasha!!”
“Yes Ma’am”, I said and I took my phone and rushed in.
“You better not call him and be fast. I’ll be waiting in the living room. When you’re done, call me and I’ll
come up with the make-up artiste and hair stylist”.
“Yes mummy”.
I called Oscar and put it on loudspeaker. I had to multitask at this moment.
We talked for a short while because I had to step out of my bathroom and get ready.
After cleaning up my body and applying everything I had to apply on my body, I called April and she
came to my room with the make-up artiste and hair stylist.

This was it. Our day.
I was really happy to be finally getting married to Oscar.
As I walked down the aisle with my dad, tears of Joy were all over my cheeks. I couldn’t just believe it.
Everyone stood up with a huge grin on their face and it made me so shy.
My dad noticed it. “Don’t be shy Tasha. It’s your day, walk with great confidence”, he said and I smiled.
As we got to the altar, Oscar was standing there, looking so handsome and gorgeous.
He had a huge grin on his face and when he saw me he started gawking at me till I stood by him.
“You look really amazing”, he whispered to me.
“Thank you baby. You look really handsome too”? I whispered back.
I looked up and saw June in front of us. He had a huge grin plastered on his face and it made me
remember the dream.
He started the service with an opening prayer and after that, Oscar and I took our seats.
We were not married yet so, we didn’t sit together.
June started talking and sharing the word.
When he was done, it was time for the exchange of vows.
Oscar and I went to the altar and we said our various recitals with June guiding us by saying out the
words and we repeated after him.
“Do you, Oscar Smith, take Natasha Mills as your wedded wife, to love and to cherish?”
“Yes, I do” he said smiling and he was given a chance to recite his own crafted vow.
“I, Oscar Smith take you as you are, I love who you’re now and who you are yet to become. I promise to
listen to you and learn from you, to support you and accept your support, I will celebrate your successes
and mourn your loses, I will love you forever. Together, we’ll build a home filled with God’s love and
we’ll always make him the center of our love. I love you Nat, you’re my cheerleader”.
Everyone got up on their feet and applauded. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.
“Baby, I love you so much” I said wiping my tears.
June interrupted our moments and turned to face me.
“Do you, Natasha Mills, take Oscar Smith as your wedded husband, to love and to…”
“I do, I do, I do”.
Everyone started laughing, including June and Oscar.
“I now pronounce you hu…….”
“Wait, I have something to say too”, I said.
“Oscar, till now I still can’t believe that you’re real. You claim you’re not an angel but you’re my angel. I
couldn’t really understand how you could make me so happy but well, you can never understand the
things of God. You’re always there for me. You make me want to become a better person each day. You
make me love my job more and more with the words and encouragement you say to me each day. You’ve
even pushed me back to my writing by getting a huge deal for me with your grandpa. You have a
wonderful way of showing your love for God and it‟s really attractive. It makes me see God differently
and also made me love him more. I can say a whole lot and we’ll not leave this place but on this day, I
want to tell you that I’ll be with you and stand by you forever. I love you baby, you’re indeed my muse”, I
said to him and he was tearing up.
Everyone applauded and made exciting sounds.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride”.
I threw myself on him and we kissed.

Natasha’s POV

“Mom!! Mom!!” My little girl said, jumping on me. I was sitting on the chair so it was easy for her to
“April, you‟re going to hurt our baby”, I said, widening my eyes. I was six months preganant and this was
my third pregnancy.
“I‟m sorry mom”, she said, pouting her lips.
“It‟s okay baby. How was school?” I asked her.
“It was great. I played with my friends. Miss Alison taught us new numbers. I can count one to twenty
now”, she said, grinning.
“Oh that‟s great. Count for me”.
She counted 1 to 10 and I was really happy for her. April was just 4 and she was really smart.
“That‟s wonderful baby”, I said, clapping.
“Where are your brothers?” I asked her.
“They are outside with daddy. They both got into a fight”, she said, frowning.
Not again. Kendrick and Kendrack are always at each other‟s throat and it really annoys me. They fight
over little things like they‟re girls. They are twins and turned 7 this year.
I waited patiently for them to come in.
“Mom, good afternoon”, Kendrick said walking past me.
“Come back here Kendrick”, I said and he came back.
“Are you okay?” I asked and he was quiet.
Oscar and Kendrack came in too and Kendrack also had a frown on his face.
“What‟s going on?” I asked them.
“You know, their little fights. It‟s nothing big”, Oscar said, shrugging and I relaxed.
“Kendrick, you know Kendrack loves you right?” I asked him and he nodded.
“Kendrack, you know Kendrick also loves you too, right?” I asked and he also nodded.
“Who loves each other more?” I asked them.
“I do”, they both said in unison.
“Mmm, you see, we can‟t tell. So whenever little arguments come up, you‟ll have to prove to yourselves
who loves each other more by trying to be the bigger person and listen to the other person”, I said, hoping
they understood what I was driving at.
“Cool?” I asked and they nodded.
“Good, now come and give mummy a hug”, I said, stretching my hands out and Kendrick groaned.
Kendrack smiled and hugged me and Kendrick just stood there.
“Mom, you know I don‟t like hugs. It‟s uncomfortable”.
“Please”, I said pouting my lips.
He groaned, walking towards me and he hugged me.
“Thank you baby”, I said, pecking him on the forehead.
“You all should quickly rush upstairs. Ann has already set up things for your bathing”, I said to them.
Ann was my house maid.
“Mom, is Aunt April still coming this evening?” April asked.
“Yes honey”.
“Yay”, she said, jumping.
“With Uncle Vincent?” Kendrick asked and I nodded.
“Thank God, he promised to get us the latest play station”, he said, jumping.
“Play station? At this age? No way”, Oscar said, and the boys turned to glare at him.
“Dad, why not?” Kendrack asked.
“Because you‟re too young to be playing games like that. What happened to computer games?” Oscar
“But Aaron and his brother own one”, Kendrick said.
“I‟m sure it belongs to Aaron‟s older brother and not Aaron”.
“Dad!!!” they both said in unison.
“I‟m going to get the latest one for you when you turn 10”, he said and the groaned.
April started ascending the stairs and they followed her.
“Baby, how was work?” I asked Oscar.
“It was stressful as usual”, he said, approaching me and he kissed me on the lip.
“I missed you”, he said.
“I missed you too. Staying at home really sucks”, I said and he grinned.
“It‟ll be over soon and well this is your fault. You decided to get pregnant again”, he said and I glared at
“I told you that I wanted three kids”.
“But we have 3”, I said.
“Kendrick and Kendrack are one”, I said and he rolled his eyes.
“And besides I wanted a sister for April”.
“You‟re lucky that it‟s a girl”.
“I‟m blessed, not lucky”.
“Whatever”, he said rolling his eyes.
“And she‟ll look like me this time”, I said glaring at Oscar.
All our kids looked like Oscar and it was so annoying, but I‟m sure my baby girl who‟s on the way will
look like me.
April and Vincent actually got married after feeding us with numerous lies of them not having a thing.
They both had just a daughter and I‟m sure there‟ll be more to come.
June got married three years ago to someone different. It wasn‟t Freda after all.
We never heard anything concerning Mabel and Monica but it was our prayers that they find Christ and a
good husband.
Noah wasn‟t married yet and Oscar‟s little sister wasn‟t married either but she was dating. We hope he
turns out to be the right person for her.
Concerning my parents and Oscar‟s mum, they visited us from time to time and each time my mum came,
she found it difficult to leave because she didn‟t want to leave me.
I remember when I got married and was going to leave the country with Oscar; she really cried and didn‟t
want me to go. When I left, she video called me every single day.
I couldn‟t wait to give birth again because my parents were both going to come.
Marriage isn‟t an easy thing, but with God at the center of it, we had less problems and Oscar always tried
his best to keep me happy and love me the way I wanted to be loved. He was indeed my muse and our
kids were our joy and happiness.
The end.


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