My Muse: Chapter 3

Natasha’s POV
Okay, I think I need to take a break from the world right now. My phone wouldn‟t stop ringing. From
calls to text messages to voice mails.
I‟ll kill June for this, how did everyone get to know so soon. I was still battling with how to tell April that
I said yes and I was still battling with myself on why I said yes.
When I said yes, June was so excited. I‟ve never seen him like that before. He hugged me so tightly and
exclaimed to everyone in the restaurant that we were engaged. I couldn‟t spoil his mood with mine, so I
had to smile so hard and join him in his excitement.
This morning, it‟s hitting me all over again that I‟m engaged and I can‟t just believe it. I honestly wasn‟t
ready for marriage, but well, it‟s June, he loves me and I love him. We‟ll just need to make this
relationship better before we get married.
Now, my problem was facing April. She‟s going to kill me. I just hoped that she hadn‟t heard yet and…..
My door swung open and April walked into my office.
“You said yes??” she asked, glaring at me.
“April, I‟m not in the mood for your judgment and arguments. I just need you to support me right now
and accept it”, I said to her.
“Oh wow. Natasha, I‟m so happy for you, I can‟t wait to see your little babies”, she said, faking a soft
voice. “Oh the heck no. I‟m not going to support you when you‟re battling with yourself. Look right into
my eyeballs and tell me that you want to get married to June right now”, she said looking right into my
“Of course I want to get married to him”, I said, staring right back into hers.
“Oh, you‟re playing smart. I mean, get married to him now. Of course you would want to get married to
him someday. I mean are you ready for that now? Okay, let‟s try this again. Look again and tell me that
you want to get married to him now and give me reasons too”, she said, glaring at me.
“April can you stop this please, I love June and I‟m ready to go through whatever I have to go through to
be with him. And I believe he‟s going to change. You should have seen him yesterday, he looked
different and I could feel his love all over”.
“Wow, I see. So if he keeps bailing on you and you know, doing other things you don‟t like, how are you
going to cope?”
“Well, I think he‟s working on that and things will be better, and not every marriage is perfect, so why
should mine be?” I said, trying to also convince myself.
“Hmm, seems like you‟ve already made up your mind. Who am I to stop you from getting what you
want”, she said, shrugging.
“Yeah, I want him; you should want him for me too. I really need you to go through with this”, I said to
“I‟m here for you girl. Always and forever”, she said, smiling.
“So what‟s up with you? We‟ve been talking about me for a long time now and you don‟t say much about
yourself”, I asked her, and she looked away.
“Oh no, you‟ve been up to something. Who‟s the new guy?” I asked her, and she couldn‟t look at me.
I got up from my chair and sat by her on my table.
“I‟m waiting”, I said, teasing her.
“Okay, I have this guy who I kind of like. But I don‟t want to get too close, being a divorcee and all that
might make him run off”, she said, sadly.
“Ohh, April, don‟t let your past be the judge of you, just do you, God will always bring the right person to
you. If the guy you like runs off, that‟s his loss, because you‟re very pretty, God fearing and a wonderful
person”, I said, and she hugged me tightly.
“I needed to hear that”, she said. “I need to get going. I‟ve got choreography rehearsals with the kids at
church”, she said, getting up.
“Alright, let me walk you out then”, I said, getting up and we left my office.
On our way out, we saw a set of twins at the hallway, arguing. It wasn‟t our business, so we left it and
went our way.
Unknown POV
“You‟re the reason why he‟s in the hospital bed”, Monica yelled.
“Me? You‟re crazy. What were you even doing in his house in the first place?” Mabel asked.
“I was comforting him. You shattered his heart and you didn‟t have the guts to comfort him, so I had to
do it”, Monica said, rolling her eyes at her sister.
“I was giving him some space and planned on seeing him this evening. But when I showed up, your
clumsy self just had to leave water on the floor for him to slip and fall”, Mabel yelled.
Monica was surprised at her sister‟s outburst. Mabel was always the calm and quiet type, but it seemed
this time, she was not having it.
The doctor came out and they rushed to him.
“How‟s he?” they asked in unison.
“He‟s up now, but has a slight brain injury and has a little bit of memory loss. He doesn‟t‟ remember
what happened to him, but it will come back within some few days”, the doctor said and they both smiled.
“Who are you to him, again?” the doctor asked.
“I‟m his fiancée, I‟m his sister”, they both said at once and the doctor looked at them confused.
“We‟re his sisters”, Monica said, smiling. The doctor nodded and walked away.
“Wait, wait, can we see him?” Mabel asked.
“Yes you can, he‟s at room 204” the doctor said, and they quickly rushed down the hall way.
“Fiancée? Really? You turned the boy down, why are you claiming him now”, Monica asked.
“Mind your business. I think I should have listened to Oscar and kept you out of our business”, she said,
pushing her sister.
They both walked into the room and Oscar was indeed awake. But he had bandages on his forehead and
his hand.
“Baby”, Mabel said, rushing to him.
“I was so worried, I thank God you‟re up”, she said, pecking him on the cheek.
“Oscar, how do you feel?” Monica asked, touching his hands and he retrieved it.
“Why did you bring her here?” Oscar asked Mabel. Due to his slight amnesia, he had forgotten that
Monica was actually with him few hours ago.
“I‟m so sorry. You heard him, please go”, Mabel said to her sister.
“Oscar, I was with you when she….” Monica tried saying but was cut off by Mabel.
“Monica just go, I can take care of my fiancé now”, she said and Monica left quietly.
“Fiancé?” He asked.
“Yeah, baby. I will love to marry you”, she said, smiling.
Natasha’s POV
“Okay, so Natasha is such a wonderful person. She‟s been more than a sister to me. She‟s my rock. She‟s
been there for me through happy and tough times. I remember when we were in boarding school, I felt I
was the tough one, and so I told her that I was going to protect her from the seniors and mean people, but
things turned out to be different, everyone had a soft spot for her and always left me out in everything,
and I became weak, I always cried and lamented. I got a bit jealous of her and started spreading rumors
about her and backstabbed her, and when she found out, do you know what she did?” April said, crying
and wiping her tears off.
“She hugged me and told me that she was going to protect me. She didn‟t even let me apologize, she said
she loved me so much to let something bad I did cover for every right I did by her. Natasha has always
been by my side every time. Boy troubles, Slacking behind in my Christian life, academic troubles, social
problems and emotional stuff, I‟ve been able to come out of them stronger because of her. She‟s so
determined, kind hearted, generous, loving and loyal. And so, June, if you ever hurt her, or make her cry,
I‟ll find out and you know how I do it”, April said, wiping her tears and everyone laughed and gave a
round of applause.
“I love you Tasha”, she yelled.
“I love you too baby girl”, I yelled back.
So yeah, it was my engagement dinner and all my friends, family, June‟s friends, and his family were
Everyone felt the need to say something and some of them had to embarrass me, especially my mum.
June was on the floor now and he said, a lot of nice things about me which got me blushing and I could
tell that I looked red, though I wasn‟t white.
Now, it was my turn to speak and I went forward.
“June and I have been dating for a year now, but we‟ve been friends for five years now. June has been a
good friend to me. He was always there when I needed him. He was my shepherd and is still my shepherd.
He doesn‟t give me the chance to slack. Whenever, I do, he gets really upset and corrects me. He‟s always
like ‘Tasha!! I‟m not going to Heaven without you. So you better think straight and apply wisdom next
time’. If you want to know how I made my second class upper and became this person standing here, it
was all June. He‟s always like ‘Tasha, get up, we‟re going to study. Tasha we need to pray concerning our
studies. Tasha, stop joking, you can‟t afford to trail in that course. Tasha, I‟m not going to let you
graduate with that class. Next semester, you‟re moving’. Even when he completed school, he still made
time to come around and make sure things were going well. And that was just when we were friends.
Ever since we started dating…..” I started to say, but I just realized that there was nothing so special about
our one year of dating.
Just when we started dating the problems began.
“Uhhm, ever since we started dating, I have just grown to love him more. I love you baby”, I said to him,
and blew him kisses.
Everyone applauded and I went back to sit by him and the celebration continued.
Oscar’s POV
Girls are funny. That‟s something I learnt from Monica and Mabel.
Okay, see how it goes. I lusted after Monica at first and she pushed me into the brother zone, when I fell
for her sister, she started coming back to me.
And now, I proposed to Mabel, she rejected it and when she finally saw that Monica was making moves
at me, she accepted it and she‟s become totally different.
I got out of the hospital some few days ago and she‟s already making wedding preparations without
letting me know.
I‟ve not even told my family and friends that I proposed and now she‟s making wedding plans.
My parents don‟t really like her because they feel she‟s not a good Christian girl, but I always made it
clear to them that she was a Christian and not everyone is perfect.
I love Mabel a lot, but what she‟s doing right now is driving me nuts and Monica isn‟t helping. She‟s
always showing up and causing a scene. My life is now filled with drama and I hate it.
Before getting back to work, I was asked to see a psychologist to make sure everything was fine, but I
didn‟t want to see one because, I felt I was alright. But with the drama in my life now, I really need to see
one because I was really stressed out and with this marriage preparations; I was beginning to have second
thoughts about it.
I got back home from work really tired, and when I got home, Mabel was in the sitting room, and she was
wearing a night dress which was really disturbing.
“Hey babe”, she said, walking to me and she hugged me. Then she took my laptop bag from my hands
and sent it in.
I went to the living room and collapsed on my couch. I was really tired and needed to take a cold shower.
“How was work?” she asked me.
“Tiring. I can‟t even talk about it”.
“Mmm, I can see that. Just go in and take a cold shower and then come back here. I prepared something
nice for you”, she said, giving a seductive smile.
“Oh, that‟s nice of you”, I said, smiling and then I went to my room to undress and take a cold shower.
I was really surprised that she was in my house at this time of the night, and she was wearing her night
wear. I just hoped that she was not sleeping here tonight.
The last time she did, I almost lost control of myself. It took a lot of wisdom for me to get off her.
Without that I would have slept with her and spoilt everything.
After taking my shower, I stepped out of the bathroom, and there she was, on my bed without her
nightwear on.


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