My Muse: Chapter 4

Oscar’s POV
“Mabel. What are you doing?” I asked, confused.
She ignored my question and approached me.
“I’m just coming to take my bath too”, she said walking past me and I couldn’t stop myself from gawking.
God, just grant me strength and self-control. I can’t do this on my own. Mabel knows my past and she
knows I can’t handle things like this. I don’t know why she’s doing this.
I shook my head and left the room to the dining room. She had actually prepared something for me to eat.
I took my seat, said the Grace and dished out the food onto my plate. I was really hungry, so I wasn’t
going to wait for her to get back and dish it.
The food tasted really good. Mabel was a good cook but she doesn’t really cook for me that often.
I finished my first round and dished out another plate. As I was eating, Mabel walked in with just a towel
on and it was really short and disturbing.
“Are you enjoying the food?” She asked, walking to where I was sitting.
“I’m not talking to you till you put something on” I said to her and I continued eating my food.
“But I’m comfortable in this”, she said, whining.
“Mabel. Please”, I said, focusing my eyes on just her face.
“So you don’t want to talk to me because of this, but you can have a long conversation with Monica even
when she’s just in her under garments”, she said, folding her arms. “Or you don’t find me attractive”?
“Mabel really?? Where’s this coming from?”
“Am I telling lies? You see Monica to be more attractive than I am. Is it because she walks around
looking like sex and I’m always wearing those boring clothes?”
Now, I’m confused. I didn’t know where this attack was coming from. It’s true that I’ve seen Monica in her
under garments, but that was when I was in the brother zone, lusting after her. I wasn’t in my right senses
then. And that was like 3 years ago, so I honestly didn’t know why she was bringing this up.
“So you’re not going to say anything”, she said tearing up and I got up to comfort her.
I hugged her and comforted her.
“Mabel, I don’t know where this is coming from, but whatever it is, don’t let it disturb you. I love you so
much and I find you attractive. We’re Christians and Jesus speaks against what you’re getting me to do.
That’s the only reason why I’ve not made love to you. I don’t know what Monica said to you, but
whenever she says anything, ignore her. She’s just trying to mess with your head”.
“I love you too and I don’t want to lose you”, she said, hugging me really tight and it was beginning to
entice me, so I let go of her.
“Go and wear your night wear and then come, join me. After eating, we can watch a movie or something”,
I said to her and she left.
After some few minutes, she came back in her night dress and morning coat.
When we were done eating, we watched a comedy movie together. I knew she wasn’t a fan of comedy
movies, but I did that so she could sleep.
I felt she realizing that her sister liked me was a burden on her, so I wanted her to just sleep and rest her
When she fell asleep, I lifted her and took her to my room and then I slept in the guest room. I wasn’t
ready for temptation this night. Besides we were asked to flee from lust and that’s exactly what I’m doing
Natasha’s POV
I accompanied June to help him organize a program at church.
The program was for kids and it was really stressing him out because he found it difficult relating with
kids. So I had to help him out.
I really loved kids a lot and I knew how to relate well with them.
By the grace of God, the program was a success.
I was sitting at the lobby waiting for June. He was talking to the parents of some of the kids and I was just
hoping that he’ll wrap things up quickly and come, so that we can go.
We had an appointment with the lab technician this evening. Don’t let your mind go far, it’s not pregnancy;
we were just going for a thorough check up before moving ahead to carry out the wedding plans.
I wanted to be sure that we were good to go before picking a wedding date.
The time for the appointment was at 8pm and it was already 7:45pm. I knew that Mr Greg won’t be cool if
I was late. I’ve worked with him on several occasions and I knew that he hated it when people were late.
So, I got up and went to June.
“Excuse me”, I said to the people that he was talking to.
“It’s almost 8, we have to get going”, I said to him.
“Oh, I’m not done here. Can you take the lead and I’ll catch up with you later”.
“June, we have to go together, can’t you just wrap up and come with me?”
“Tasha, I don’t want to waste your time. I’ll be there as soon as I’m done. Okay?” he said, cupping my
“Okay”, I said to him in a sad tone and I left.

It’s been over an hour since I was done with my test and June wasn’t here. I couldn’t call him because my
phone was off.
I waited for an extra thirty minutes and I gave up and left.
June had done it again.
Before I left, I went to my office and checked if I had an appointment with any patient early in the
morning and I saw this man‟s name again.
The man had an appointment with me some few days ago and he didn’t come. I was so mad because it
was at 7am in the morning and I really wanted to sleep but because of this appointment, I woke up early
and took a cab. He booked another one again and didn’t show up.
Now he’s on the list again at 7am and I just hoped that he shows up this time.

So, I woke up really early the next morning and took a taxi to work because of my 7am patient.
Something told me to skip that and go at the usual time work starts, but then, what if he shows up?
I arrived at the hospital at 6:35 am. I relaxed a bit, had my quiet time and ate the breakfast my mum made
for me. Yeah, my mum still prepared breakfast for me. She said, I was her only child and when I finally
move out of the house, she wasn‟t going to have anything doing, so she was making good use of her time
with me.
I made sure that I was done with everything before 7. At 7am, I sat up and waited patiently for my patient
to walk in.
7:30, 7:45, 8:00, 8:30, okay, I give up. This guy isn‟t serious and if I ever see any other appointment with
him, I‟ll cancel it. I don‟t care if goes against the law, I‟m going to cancel it. He can see a different
psychologist, I said to myself angrily.
I took out my phone and there were a lot of missed calls from June. I rolled my eyes and called back.
“Hello”, he said.
“Yeah, what is it?” I asked.
“I‟m really sorry about yesterday. I tried calling you several times, but your line was off”.
“Yeah”, I said, giving him a short answer.
“I‟m really sorry Tasha, I called the lab guy this morning and he agreed to meet with me this morning for
the test”.
“Okay, cool”.
“I‟m sorry Tasha, the parents of the kids were…………..” he tried saying, but I cut in.
“Don‟t worry June. I‟m fine; you don‟t need to explain anything”.
“You sure?”
“Yeah, I‟ll talk to you later”.
“You busy?”
“Alright”, he said, and I hanged up.
To be honest, I wasn‟t mad. I was just tired. If he continues like this, I‟m going to call off the engagement.

It was 2pm and I decided to have my lunch. Today was a bad day for me, so I decided to treat myself to a
nice meal. I took a cab and went to my favorite restaurant. Food was quite expensive there, but I didn‟t
When I got there, I saw June‟s car at the car park. What he could be doing here, I wondered.
I walked into the cafeteria and I couldn‟t believe what my eyes saw. He was having lunch with his ex at
my favorite restaurant.
I wasn‟t going to be the girl who will overreact or assume things, so I decided to approach them and find
out what was going on.
I walked to their table and cleared my throat to announce my presence.
“Tasha”, June said, surprised, and his ex, Freda, smiled at me.
“What‟s going on here?” I asked, in the calmest voice ever.
“I ran into Freda this morning, and we decided to catch up. I told her about our engagement and she‟s
really happy for us”, he said, smiling.
“Yeah Natasha. Congratulations”, she said, smiling.
Catch up? Is he being serious? How do you meet an ex and decide to catch up. And this is no ordinary
person. They dated in the university and she travelled to a different country to do her masters, they
couldn‟t do the long distance relationship, so they broke things off. I remember how long it took him to
get over her. Is he even over her? I wondered.
I‟m not saying that he can‟t talk to his friends, but this is an ex. He can‟t just bring her into his life like
that. He could have just talked to her when they met and leave, but no, he decided to bring her to my
favorite place to catch up. Oh wow, this is so unbelievable. I couldn‟t stand him at this moment. So I just
had to leave. No, I‟m not spoiling my treat because of them.
“Alright then, I‟ll just get something to eat and head back to work”, I said to him.
“You can join us and have lunch”, he said, smiling and at that moment, I wanted to slap him.
“Oh no, you both really need to catch up and I don‟t want to interfere. I will just sit over there and have
my lunch. I‟ll see you later”, I said, walking away before he could say or do something which would
make him receive a slap.
I just couldn‟t sit there for a long while and endure this, so I had my lunch quickly and left.
Oscar’s POV
Work was really stressful today. Mabel‟s dad called for a meeting today really early in the morning. It
spoilt most of my plans, but I had no choice than to go.
I‟ve been working for Mabel‟s dad for quite some time now. I actually started working there before
meeting Monica and Mabel. You should have seen the look on my face, the day I found out that he was
their dad. When he also found out, he became really hard on me, saying that no son-in-law of his was
going to be lazy. He really pushed me and my hard work made me get to a high place in the company.
He told me to see him after work and I got really nervous. It‟s been a while since we had a heart to heart
talk and every time we did, I was always nervous. It‟s difficult having your girlfriend‟s dad as your boss. I
had to always make sure that I was perfect in front of him.
So, after work, I went to his office.
“Sit down”, he said to me and I took my seat.
“I heard something and I‟m not really happy about it”, he said, staring at me.
“What is it sir?” I asked.
“Mabel gave me some certain news about you two being engaged”, he said.
“Yes sir. We are”, I said, wondering why he was not happy about it.
“I‟m not too happy about it”, he said and I became scared.
“You should have told me yourself. That‟s what a matured man should do”, he said, and I felt relieved.
“I‟m really sorry about that sir. I just didn‟t find the right moment to tell you”, I said to him.
We spoke for a long while concerning my future and my future with his daughter and after that, I left.
I missed my appointment with the psychologist in the morning and I called the hospital to reschedule to
this evening. So I quickly drove to the hospital. I didn‟t want to be late or miss it.
I honestly didn‟t want to see a psychologist. But my pastor told me to, after I told him about my head
injury and how my problems with Mabel and Monica stressed me out gave me a head ache and a whole
lot. He recommended the psychologist in this hospital, saying she was a strong Christian and a good
When I got to the hospital, I was directed to her office.
I knocked on the door which had „Dr Natasha Mills‟ on it and I walked in.


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