My Muse: Chapter 5

Natasha’s POV
I was in my office, packing up to leave when I heard a knock on the door and someone walked in.
“Hello”, I said, smiling to the young man who walked in.
I was surprised though. I wasn’t expecting any patient.
“Please have a sit”, I said opening my laptop to see if there was an appointment or something I missed.
On seeing his name, I got angry. He was the one who never showed up on any of his appointment.
I wasn‟t going to be professional with him because I deserved answers on why he didn’t show up.
I placed my two hands on the table and looked right into his eyes and he looked right back.
Oops, I shouldn’t have done that. Just looking at his eyes made me see the confusion and stress in it, but I
still needed answers.
“You’re Oscar Smith. Right?” I said, standing up straight and folding my arms.
“Yes please”, he said.
“You’ve had three appointments with me before this, but you never showed up. I’ll like to know why”
He looked at me confused and sat up.
“Is this part of the session?” He asked.
“Does it matter? I came to work at 7am today and every other time you cancelled. I deserve to know”
“Erhhmm…Isn’t this your work? Do I really need to explain myself?”
I could sense the irritation in his speech, but I’m not dropping this.
“Arrogant much?” I said to him.
“Look, I already have 3 women in my life who stress me out. I don’t need a psychologist who’s supposed
to help me to be a part of it too”, he said, getting up from his seat.
“Please wait, I’m really sorry”, I said, slapping myself mentally.
“I’ve had a bad day and it’s making me really cranky especially to young men like you. I’m really sorry,
please sit”, I said to him. He sighed and took his seat.
I also took my seat and took out a new folder and a pen.
I asked him for all his details.
He was engaged. He had two big brothers and a little sister. His dad was late, so he had just a single
parent and he was a Christian.
“According to your medical records here, you had a head injury few weeks ago”, I said, looking on my
“How’s your head now? Any pain or any memory you can’t account for” I asked him and he shook his
“Okay, so can I know your problem?”
“Uhmm,I think this is a whole big mistake”, he said, trying to get up.
I’ve dealt with things like this numerous times. A lot of patients find it hard to open up and they hide stuff
too. Then it’s left to me to get the information out.
“You spoke about three women stressing you out. Do you mean, your mum, sister and fianceé?” I asked
him and he stopped in his tracks and sat down.
“No, my mum, my Fianceè and her twin sister”, he said.
“Hmm, that’s new. Can you tell me more? How exactly do they stress you?” I asked and he told me a long
story of how he asked his girlfriend Mabel out and how she turned him down. He also spoke about her
twin sister and everything she’s done. His mum was also stressing him out by always finding ways for
him not to be with Mabel. Mabel wasn‟t also being helpful to him. She became a whole different person
after she accepted his proposal which wasn’t on the plate anymore.
We spoke about it for a long while and he was indeed confused. He couldn’t define his feelings for Mabel.
I told him to take his time and study his feelings for her. And with Monica, he liked her because she was a
nice person at heart, but what he didn’t like about her was the fact that she was trying to ruin her sister’s
love life. So I told him to have a talk with her and let her know how what she was doing was affecting her
sister. I think pulling the sister card and not his will make her back off. As for his mum, I told him to
patch things up with Mabel first and have a heart to heart talk with her. In everything, I asked him to turn
to God first and ask him for directions.
“Thank you very much”, he said, smiling.
“You’re welcome. I‟ve fixed another appointment for you. See the nurse for the details. Also feel free to
send a mail to me if anything should pop up or if you need help”, I said giving him a card which had my
e-mail address.
“No calls?” He asked.
“No. If I do that, my phone is going to go through hell”, I said laughing and he laughed too.
“I’ll take my leave then”, he said, getting up and he shook my hand.
He walked to the door and before he opened it, he stopped and looked in my direction.
“I’m really sorry for missing out on three appointments. I didn’t see why I should see a psychologist but
now, I do”, he said, smiling.
“Oh don’t worry. It’s fine. I shouldn’t have attacked you like that”, I said, smiling.
“And with your fianceé, speak some sense into him. He can’t be making a wonderful person like you get
cranky”, he said and I was surprised.
“How did you know that I was engaged”?
“Wow, a psychologist can’t answer this? Your ring has the answers”, he said, laughing and I looked at my
“Ooh”, I said, grinning.
“Goodbye Nat”, he said and he left.
Nat? That’s new.
I packed my stuff and left.
Oscar’s POV
My session with the psychologist made me feel better. She’s not that bad after all.
I got home feeling a bit relieved but what I met at home made me get furious. I opened my door and met
Monica and Mabel arguing.
I wasn’t ready for this. So I turned around and left my house.
I got into my car and prayed to God for patience and guidance on how to handle the situation.
After doing that, I just felt the need to talk to my psychologist. So, I sent a mail to her.
‘Can we meet right now?’ I sent to her.
I wasn’t expecting a quick reply, but I did receive one.
‘Why? Any problem?’
‘I just need someone to talk to. I got home and I met Mabel and Monica arguing in my house’.
‘I think you need to have the talk with them right now’.
‘You sure?’
‘Yeah, you can hit me up after the talk’.
‘Okay, thank you’.
So, I went back into my house and yelled at them.
“We all need to talk now!!” I yelled and they stopped and looked at me.
“Baby, can you just tell her to leave?” Mabel said and Monica was about to talk.
“You know what? You both should leave”.
“What?” they both asked.
“Now”, I yelled and walked to my room.
I just can’t do this. I didn’t sign up for this.
I dropped on my bed and thought for a while and then I went back and stopped them from leaving.
“Can you both sit down we need to talk”, I said to them and they sat down.
“Monica, what do you want from me? I really want to know?” I asked her and she stared at me for a while.
“Your love and attention”, she said.
“But I used to give you that before you became this person”.
“Not as a sister. Something more”, she said and Mabel tried cutting in but I shut her up.
“You’ll have your time to talk. Right now, Monica is on the floor”, I said to Mabel and she kept quiet.
“Something more? But when I came into your life, you made me your brother. So why do you want more
“I called you my brother so that I won’t have to fall for you. You know I was still into my ex and I was
still trying to get him back. So having you there would have spoilt things. I didn’t want to push you away
too because I was fond of you, so I made you my ‘brother’ but it didn’t work, I eventually fell for you “.
“Mmm, I see. So you fell for me right after I fell for your sister”?
“No, I started liking you before that. And every time I tried telling you, you used that opportunity to talk
about Mabel, so I never got the chance”.
“Okay, we can’t do anything about it right now. It’s too late. Why won’t you just accept that and let your
sister enjoy her love life? Don’t you love her?” I asked and she started tearing up. I really wanted to roll
my eyes.
“I love her Oscar, but she knew that I had feelings for you, she’s my sister, she should see these things,
but she just let herself get close to you”.
“I really need to talk right now, Oscar”, Mabel said.
“Be patient, you’ll have your time”, I said to her.
I honestly didn’t know that Monica had feelings for me and didn’t also know that Mabel knew about it but
it was too late now. She had to move on.
“Okay, so you want me to leave Mabel and love you? You know love doesn’t work like that. I’ve loved
Mabel for three years now and all the things you’re saying and doing won’t change that, you’ll end up
hurting yourself every day. You have to move on Monica. I care about you a lot and I’ll love to see you
become a better person. If you really love your sister, you have to forget whatever happened and put her
feelings before yours. What you’re doing to her is really hurting her and changing her. Can’t you see it?
Please stop this. If your parents even find out about this, they’ll be disappointed. Please Monica”, I said to
The place was quiet for a while and then she wiped off her tears and nodded.
“I’ve heard you, Oscar. I’ll stop this, thank you for still caring about me, I really appreciate it”, she said
still wiping her tears off and I nodded.
“Mabel, do you have anything to say?” I asked her and she shook her head.
“Mabel, I’m really sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused. I promise to stay away”, Monica said to her sister.
“I’m sorry too, Monica. I saw that you were hurting and I did nothing about it. I’m really sorry. I hope and
pray that you find someone who truly loves you”, Mabel said to her sister and she smiled.
“Okay, now that you’re both fine, can we call it a night”, I said to them and they nodded.
“Goodnight Monica”, I said hugging her.
“Goodnight”, she said.
“Goodnight baby”, Mabel said, hugging me and I pecked her on her cheek.
“Goodnight, we’ll talk tomorrow”, I said to her.
When they both left, I went to my room and dived on my bed.
Thank you Jesus. I won’t have been able to do this without you, I said, smiling.
I got off my bed, had my shower and before I went to bed, I sent Natasha a mail.
‘Thank you Nat. I’ve sorted out things with Monica and I think she’ll back off. One down, two to go. Thank
you so much. Have a goodnight’
I sent it to her and then I slept off.
Natasha’s POV
For a week now, I’ve not spoken to June and it’s on me. He’s been trying to reach me, but I always ignored
him. He had come to my workplace numerous times, but I’ve always been busy.
I didn’t want to talk to him after what he did the other time.
What pissed me off more was the fact that he didn’t know what he did. He always sent a text or voicemail
asking me what my problem was.
I also heard that Freda was now a member of our church and that she’s been helping him out in church.
Wow, that’s just great.
April and I were are the grocery shop and she was just feeding me with information concerning the new
man in her life.
The man seemed like a good person. I was really happy for her so I didn’t want to kill her happiness by
telling her what was going on in my life, but she being who she is, she got me to speak.
“How dare he do that?” She said angrily.
“If he wasn’t a man of God, I would have rained insults on him. Ahh, is he okay? And you kept quiet
about this? Tasha it’s time to stand up for yourself and talk and take actions too”, she said.
I was about to talk but I heard someone call my name and I turned around.
“Hey Oscar, right?” I said to him.
“Yeah”, he said smiling and he walked up to me.
“How are you?” I asked.
“I’m fine. You?”
“I’m awesome. I can see you’re shopping”, I said to him.
“Yeah, I have to stock my fridge”.
“Oh okay”, I said and April cleared her throat.
“Oh. April this is Oscar. Oscar this is April”, I said to them and he shook her hand.
“I’ll leave you two then”, he said and he left.
“Mmm, who was that? He’s so gorgeous”, April asked, wiggling her brows.
“Oh, he’s one of my patients”, I said.
“Mmm, I think I have to work with you to see cute guys like this every day”, she said and I hit her on the
She kept on talking about Oscar’s look and I just laughed about it.
My smile and laugh was cut short when I saw June and Freda walk into the store.


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