My Muse: Chapter 6

Natasha’s POV
Immediately I saw him, I got scared. It started hurting me that I was going to lose him. I can’t lose him, I
loved him so much.
I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want April to see them too, so I pulled April to the other section of
the shop.
“Hey, I was looking at that”, she said as I pulled her away.
“I want to show you something”, I said, looking for something spectacular to show her.
“I heard this shampoo is really good. You should try it”, I said to her and she looked at me confused.
“Shampoo? Since when did you start knowing what hair product is good or bad?
“I know you like hair stuff, and I heard about this”, I said, forcing a smile.
“Now, you’re being silly. This shampoo is common and it’s been in the system ever since. I’ve even used
it to wash your hair before”, she said.
“Oh, I didn’t know”, I said, thinking of something else to say.
“Don’t even try to think of another silly thing to say. What is it Tash?”
“Nothing. Are you done buying everything you need?”
“Well, when you’re ready to talk, I’ll be right here”, she said ignoring my question and looking away.
“Fine. I just saw June and he’s with Freda”, I said sadly.
“What? When? Where? How?” She said looking around and she spotted them.
“This girl’s gotta go”, April said, walking towards them and I tried stopping her.
“Tasha, this has got to stop. You love him right?” She asked and I nodded.
“So, do something about this”, she said, pulling me along.
We got to where they were standing and they looked at us, surprised.
“Tasha”, June said.
“I’ve been trying to reach out to you, but you’ve been MIA. We need to talk”, he said.
“Yeah, we definitely need to talk”, I said, and pulled him aside, leaving April and Freda. I just hoped that
April doesn’t do something crazy.
“June, do you really want us to get married?” I asked him.
“Of course, that’s why I’ve been looking for you. My test results came out and the doctor said we’re good
to go. We need to set a date Tasha. And Freda knows a lot with these wedding things and… “.
“Stop it right there. What’s going on with you two? Are you like friends or something?” I asked him.
“Yeah, she’s my friend. We never stopped being friends. Since she got back she’s been of a great help to
me”, he said.
“Wow, but she’s your ex. You can’t just bring her back into our lives like that”, I said, folding my arms.
“But she’s still my friend, I can’t just ignore her. And when I was with her, she never complained of you
being close to me because she trusted me. So I need the same trust from you”, he said and his statement
got to me. I was so hurt and surprised.
“How dare you say that to me”, I said, tearing up. “When we started dating and you told me to cut some
people off, did I argue with you? I just did it because I loved you and wanted you to be happy and okay.
But in my case, you’re telling me this. How dare you say that to me” I said, hitting him on his chest.
“Tasha please stop this. Freda is different, she’s just an old friend, I don’t see why you should have a
problem with that”, He said and I got angry.
“It’s so obvious that she’s not even over you. She’s always all over you. June what’s wrong with you?”
“Tasha, I love you. What else do you need?”
“I need you to listen to me”.
“I am. You also need to listen to me. Freda is just a friend and a very good one to me”.
“So you’re still going to keep her?” I asked and he didn’t say anything.
I pushed him away and ran off.
“Tasha”, April called out to me but I ignored her and ran out.
Unknown POV
Natasha ran off leaving everything.
April got furious and attacked June.
“What did you do this time?” She asked him and he was quiet.
“June, you’re hurting my friend and I don’t like it. What at all has she ever asked of you? Just your love
and attention, and you can’t do that? If you lose her, you won’t get someone like her, not even this one can
match up to her”, she said glaring at June and Freda, then she walked away.
She paid for her stuff and Natasha’s stuff and she left to look for her friend.
She knew the very place that her friend could go to and she went there. She went to the gardens that were
close to her location and she found her friend with Oscar.
Oscar’s POV
I was on my way home when my mum called and asked me to get something for her.
Whenever I went shopping, I always got things for my mum too.
My two older brothers were out of the country. It was just me and my little sister in the country with her
currently. So I was always the one doing stuff for her.
This time, she forgot something and I had to go back to get it.
When I arrived, someone almost ran into my car and I had to hit the brake really hard.
The lady stood there without moving an inch, so I thought I had hit her.
I got out quickly to attend to her and I realized that it was Natasha.
“Nat are you okay?” I said, holding her shoulders and scanning her body to be sure that everything was
fine and there was no single bruise, but she had tears on her face.
“Nat are you okay?” I asked worried.
“Please get me out of here”, she said. I quickly took her to the passenger side of my car and helped her get
in. I also got in and drove out.
“Where do you want to go?” I asked her.
“Is there any garden close by?” She asked, wiping her tears.
“Yeah, there’s one. You want to go there?” I asked and she nodded. So I took her there.
We had to pay a gate fee. Due to the state she was in, I just paid it without her knowledge and we walked
She walked towards the benches and sat there.
I didn’t know what to do or if I could sit by her. I just watched her as she looked into the thin air and then
she broke into tears again.
I had no choice than to walk up to her.
“Can I sit?” I asked her and she ignored me and kept on crying.
I sat by her and took my handkerchief out. I gave it to her to wipe her tears but she just kept on crying and
this time it became really loud.
Everyone started staring, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable. If this is how she wanted to pour out her pain, I’d
leave her to do it.
She got up and started pacing back and forth.
“I’ve been there for him, I’ve tolerated him, I’ve let go of every single thing he did to me, I’ve done silly
things for him, I‟ve cut out a lot of people from my life for him, I’ve done a lot, but he keeps hurting me.
He doesn’t listen to me, he’s always doing what he thinks is best. And now just a simple thing I asked him
to do and he’s being defensive about it. I’m tired. I can’t do anything about it too because I love him so
much. If I break up this engagement, I don’t know where to start from or how to mend my heart. Oh God,
why’s this happening to me?” She yelled and kept on crying.
The security men were walking towards us but I went and stopped them. I tipped them off to leave her
I went back to her and I don’t know why, but I just hugged her and comforted her.
I didn’t say anything; I just ran my hands on her hair and comforted her. After a while she kept quiet and I
released my grip off her and we went back to the benches.
We were quiet for a while before she spoke up.
“I’m really sorry for worrying you, Oscar. I know you see me to be crazy right now. I’m supposed to be
your psychologist and here I am acting like a patient”, she said, looking away.
“All I see right now is a lady who’s sad and needs someone to talk to. I know you’re a psychologist, but
you’re human. Even doctors who treat people receive treatment from other people because they’re human.
Pastors too listen to other people’s sermons and word because they know they’re not perfect. I can go on
and on. You’re human Nat. Don’t be ashamed to seek help or act the way a sad and hurt woman should
act”, I said to her and she smiled.
“Thank you Oscar. You’re a nice person”, she said.
“Anytime. So what will you do about your fiancé?” I asked her.
“I don’t know. I’ll just keep praying because I’ve done everything I can. But he’s just getting worse”.
“Hmm? Everything? Have you tried leaving him before? I mean not permanently. Just lash out and tell
him if he’s not going to change then you can’t be with him. If he’s truly the one for you, he’ll come back to
his senses and come get you. It doesn’t always work but it did work on me. One time Mabel pulled that on
me and I really went crazy. I had to get her back and work on my flaws”, I said.
“Mmm, true. I know about that trick but I’m just scared that it’s not going to work. He might just leave me
for good”, she said, entangling her fingers. I could tell that she was really troubled.
“You don’t have to be. If he leaves you, you’ll just have to accept it and move on. It’s going to hurt but
you can’t just settle for less because you’re scared. Just hope in God and he’ll do what’s best for you”, I
said and she nodded.
“Thank you so much Oscar. I’m really grateful that we had this talk”, she said, smiling.
“Anytime Nat”, I said smiling too.
“So how are things with you and Mabel?” She asked.
“No, we’re not doing that. It’s all about you now. Resolve your crises first and then we can resolve mine”.
“C’mon Oscar. I’m your psychologist. Remember?” She said, laughing and I couldn’t help but notice that
she was really beautiful.
“Well, you got yourself a patient and psychologist too”, I said and she kept on laughing but we were
interrupted when someone cleared their throat.
It was her friend, April.
“April, I’m so sorry for running off like that and leaving my stuff with you”, Natasha said, getting up.
“Don’t worry, I already paid for them. They’re in my car waiting for you to get them”, April said, smiling
at her friend.
“Please permit me to steal my friend away”, she said, grinning.
“Oh feel free. She’s fine now”, I said to her.
“Thank you so much, Oscar. I really appreciate it”, Natasha said.
“You’re welcome”, I said to her.
“Alright then, I’ll see you at our next appointment”, she said.
“Yeah, our next appointment”, I said winking at her and she was confused at first but later she realized
what I meant and laughed.
“Bye Oscar”, Natasha said, waving.
“Bye Nat. April bye”, I said waving at her and she waved back.
When they left, I decided to sit and think about my life too.
I thought of Mabel and everything we’ve been through. This whole engagement thing started freaking me
out the day she said yes at the hospital.
I was wondering why she said yes. Was it because I was hurt or because she was scared that Monica was
going to take me away from her?
I love her but she takes me for granted sometimes. She’s been really nice lately though. I just have to
watch and see how things go. I’m not fixing any date yet till I see that these changes are permanent.
I finally got up and went to my car. I got in and drove off.
Natasha’s POV
It’s been three days since the incident at the grocery shop occurred and I had not heard from June.
No one knew of his whereabouts. Not even his parents or Freda.
Yeah, I asked her but she also didn’t know and it got me really worried.
Where could he be?


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