My Muse: Chapter 8

Natasha’s POV
“God, it’s really been quite difficult talking to you lately. I’m so hurt and sad. Not having June in my life
is really difficult. I can’t even think straight or do anything correctly. I can’t. But today I want to place my
hope and trust in you. If truly there’s someone there for me, please let me meet the person soon. Whatever
is hindering me or preventing me from meeting that person, please destroy it. You know I’m hurting, just
do this for me so that I can be happy again”, I said to God and I started singing songs of thanksgiving
because I was hoping and believing that he had heard me.
As I was on my bed singing, my mum walked into my room and sat by me. She joined me in singing and
I started smiling a bit.
“He has heard you sweetie. He has. Your dad and I prayed for you this morning and we know that things
will get better”, my mum said, smiling at me.
“Thank you”, I said hugging her.
“You’ve still not eaten your food”, she said looking at the food that I dumped on the table.
“You’re beginning to lose weight. You have to eat and take care of yourself for the next person who’s
going to come into your life. You can’t give him leftovers”, my mum said and I laughed.
“I’m just not hungry, mum. I’ll eat when I feel the need to”.
“Keep wasting my food. I’ve just pardoned you because of what happened. When you’re so happy and in
love, then I’ll starve you”, she said, grinning and I laughed.
“Thank you mum for everything. You’ve been really helpful and patient with me. May God bless you”, I
said to her.
“May he bless you too sweetie. I’ve not been seeing April around. Why?”
“I’ve been shutting her out”, I said, feeling really bad.
April has always been there for me in both good and bad times. I don’t know but I didn’t want her to know
about this or be around me at this moment because I felt that she would say things that I didn’t want to
hear. I also didn’t want the „I told you so‟ look from her.
“Why? She’s been really sad and worried”, my mum said.
“I was just being stupid, I guess”.
“Okay, so you won’t be mad when I tell you that I invited her over this night for a girls sleepover and I
made her invite some of your other girlfriends”, my mum said in an excited tone.
“Mum!! You didn’t have to do that”, I said to her.
“Oh. Is it that bad? I can cancel it”, she said faking a frown.
“No. It’s fine. It’s a girls sleepover then”, I said and my mum squealed.
“What about dad?” I asked her.
“He’s travelling. So we’ll have the whole house to ourselves”, my mum said, happily.
I observed her and wondered why she was so happy and acting like she was two.
“Let’s get the place ready. We have to cook and bake and do a lot of things”, she said pulling me out of
the room.

In the evening, all my friends came and the girl‟s sleepover began.
April was so excited to see me. She didn’t bother talking about June and I was happy.
No one mentioned him actually and I was glad.
We watched a movie together with my mum. My mum and I shared the cupcakes and cookies we baked.
We all ate it together with a natural fruit juice.
After watching the movie, we talked a bit and reminiscence old times.
I felt uncomfortable with some of the things they said in front of my mum. They spoke about my crushes
back at school and the silly things I did.
I tried everything possible for them to change the topic but my mum kept asking questions. Oh God, this
Finally, April saved me by yawning and complaining about an empty stomach.
So, we went to the dining room and my mum served us. The food was in abundance and there were
varieties of food.
We all ate to our full. Most of my friends found it difficult to move, so they could just make it to the
living room. Some slept on the couch, some on the floor and the others went to my room and the guest
My mum, April and I slept in my parent’s room.
I just thanked God that tomorrow was Saturday or we would have all been in a big soup.
Fridays are my free days and that is why I was home today.
In all, I thank God for using my mum and friends to ignite the joy and happiness in me. But I’m still
hoping that he brings the right person for me soon.
Oscar’s POV
Mabel and I went to the pharmacy store that evening to get a pregnancy tool kit.
I was so frustrated, devastated and disappointed in myself.
How could I allow this to happen?
Oh God, I’m so sorry, I said, trying to prevent myself from breaking down.
What am I going to tell my mum? What am I going to tell my siblings?
I just prayed and hoped that she was not pregnant. I can’t get a child like this. Children are supposed to be
a blessing to us through marriage and not outside marriage.
I know we’re going to get married but this is still wrong.
Now, I’ll be forced to get married quickly.
God please, I know I wronged you but please do not let her be pregnant.
We bought the kit and we were about to leave, but she insisted that she checked it right away and I
nodded nervously.
She asked the pharmacist for the urinal and left.
“Your wife is pretty, is this going to be your first child?” The pharmacist asked and I forced a smile and
“Congratulations then. She’ll definitely be pregnant”, he said and I really wanted to punch him in the face
for saying that, but I just had to force a smile.
I paced back and forth in the pharmacy. I was really sweating and feeling uneasy.
Mabel stepped out with a huge smile in her face.
“Congratulations baby. You’re going to be a dad”, she said waving the test tool in my face and my heart
almost got out of my body.
Natasha’s POV
I was in church focusing on what the pastor was saying when I spotted June.
He looked really happy and calm for someone who just broke off his engagement. I looked away and tried
to focus on the word.
It was difficult coming to church today. I wasn’t ready to face June and I wasn’t ready to face the people
in church, especially those who looked up to us.
We were the ‘goal-couple’, and now we were just there.
April and my mum had to motivate me to go. They promised to sit by me and be by me incase people
threw questions at me.
After the service, I got up quickly to leave but I couldn’t because my mum and April failed me.
“Tasha, I have to meet with the kids. Just wait here and I’ll be back”, she said running off.
“Tasha, I’m going to speak to the pastor. I’ll be right back and you have things to do too. Be bold and go
for the youth meeting, if you see June act civil. If anyone throws a question at you, smile and answer
them with a smart question. You’re a psychologist, do something”, she said, smiling at me and she left.
“So much for being by me”, I said, rolling my eyes.
I sat there for a while and then I decided to go for the youth meeting. I can’t let this hinder me from doing
what I have to do.
When I walked into the room, everyone turned to look at me and they kept staring till I took my seat.
“You’re welcome Tasha”, June said, smiling at me.
He was the president of the youth group and I was the vice-president. That’s one of the reasons why I
couldn’t skip.
He spoke for a while and the secretary came forward to give the announcement.
I turned to see where June was sitting and he was sitting by Freda. Seeing them made me get hurt all over
June and I always sat together. I honestly couldn’t concentrate but I tried to.
I was called forward by the secretary to say anything I had to say.
Honestly, I had nothing to say. I was so busy during the week crying that I didn’t check up on people and
follow up with what my executives were tasked to do.
I stood up and spoke from where I was sitting. I didn’t go forward, so everyone turned to face me.
I didn’t say much, I just encouraged them to keep it up with the good work, I told them to keep praying
and having their quiet times and I reminded them of our evangelism this weekend.
When I was done, I took my seat and they applauded.
I couldn’t stop myself from looking at June and Freda. She was just all over him and it was irritating me.
The meeting finally came to an end and I got up quickly to leave and some ladies came to me.
“Hey Tash, hope you good?” One of them said to me.
“Yeah. I’m awesome. I hope you all are good too?” I said to them.
“Yeah, we are. We heard about you and June and we wanted to be sure that you’re fine”, one of them said.
“Well, has God ever left his people to be alone?” I asked them, following my mum’s funny advice.
“No”, one of them said.
“Yeah, so I’ve got God and I’m fine”, I said smiling at them. They also smiled and left.
I quickly rushed to the door but June called out my name. I wanted to ignore and leave but I just couldn’t
do it.
I turned around and he started walking towards me.
“Tash, it’s been a while. I hope you’re good”, he said, smiling.
“Yeah, I am. What about you?”
“I’m good too by God’s grace”, he said, smiling and I smiled back.
“So how’s work?” He asked me and I responded.
He kept on asking all the „hows‟ and I kept on responding. When there was nothing more to say, he
moved on to the delicate topic that I clearly didn’t want to talk about.
“How are you holding up Tash?, he asked with a concerned look.
“I don’t want to talk about it June”, I said to him.
“Okay. I just wanted to be sure that you’re alright”, he said.
“Well, I am. I can see that you’re alright too. You really bounced back quickly”, I said, faking a grin.
“What are you talking about”, he asked and I looked in the direction of Freda.
“Oh. It’s not what you think. We’re just friends. I’m honestly not ready to get into any relationship right
“Well, it’s your life now. I have no problem with what you do with it. I’ll see you around June”, I said to
him and I walked away.
Oscar’s POV
I was on the phone with my big brother, the second born.
“You’re getting married before me? No way”, he said, laughing.
“Yeah bro. I am”.
“Wow, I’m so happy for you and I’ll be repping live, what’s the date”?
“In two weeks‟ time. On the 18th”, I said to him.
“Wow, so soon. Have you told mum and Noah yet?” He asked.
“Yeah, Noah will be coming and mum wants to see Mabel and I. She’s finally coming around”, I said to
“Wow, that’s great. We thank God, but I hope that you really want this. No pressure of any sort”, he asked.
I wanted to tell him everything but Mabel and I decided to be quiet about it. We didn’t want anyone to
know till after the wedding. My brother would be really disappointed if I told him about it too.
“Yeah bro. I’m ready. No pressure”, I said to him.
“Okay, congratulations. I’ll be there live”, he said.
“Thank you Vincent, I’ll talk to you later”, I said and I hanged up.
I went to my room to make sure that Mabel was ready.
“You ready?” I asked her.
“Yeah”, she said, smiling.
“Are you going to my mum’s place wearing that?” I asked her. What she was wearing was a bit provoking.
“What’s wrong with it?” She asked.
“Are you being serious? We’re going to my mum’s place. Do enjoy it when she complains about you?
And you don’t even wear things like this, so why now?” I asked her, getting frustrated.
“Oscar please stop yelling. I just wanted to wear something tight to cover the baby bump”, she said to me.
“Baby what? Your baby is just a week or even less than that”, I said to her.
“My baby? It’s our baby, Oscar!!” She yelled.
“I’m sorry about that. Just change and let’s go”, I said and I left the room.

We were at my mum’s house eating.
She was actually acting civil and asking normal questions.
“Mum, your food taste so good. I need to learn from you”, Mabel said and my mum smiled.
“Thank you. Do you want more?” My mum asked and she nodded.
“Mabel are you serious? This is the third plate you’re requesting for” I said.
“What is it Oscar? You know I don’t eat like that. It’s because I’m pregnant”, she said and she widened her
eyes when she realized what she said.


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