My Muse: Chapter 9

Oscar’s POV
When Mabel said that, my mum choked on her food and she started coughing.
I glared at Mabel and gave my mum a glass of water to drink.
“What did you just say?” She said, dropping the glass.
“Uhm….I meant that uh….” she said stuttering.
“She’s pregnant mum”, I said to her, looking away.
“Oh Oscar”, my mum said with a sad and disappointed look.
I felt really bad and terrible. The last time she gave me that look was when she caught me in bed with my
My mum actually helped me pull away from that kind of life. She taught me how important it was to be
chaste till marriage. She advised me every single time and kept on telling me to flee from lust.
I don’t just know how I got myself into this. I wanted to blame Mabel but I allowed it to happen. So it was
my fault.
How did I forget about the consequences? How did I not use protection?! But she said she was in her safe
period. Well, I don’t understand these things. She’s pregnant now, that’s what matters.
“Mum, I’m so sorry, but we were already going to get married, so it’s fine”, I said to her.
“So you finally trapped my son”, my mum said to Mabel and I got offended.
“Mum, I’m the one to blame. She didn’t do this alone”, I said to my mum.
“Oscar, she trapped you. If he was already going to marry you, why couldn’t you tell him to wait till after
marriage, huh? You just couldn’t keep your legs closed”, my mum said to her.
“Mum you….”
“Shut up Oscar, I’m not done. And you, how dare you disappoint me like that. You’ve just plotted a sin in
her belly. Your baby is supposed to be a blessing to your marriage and not a product of your nasty
behavior”, she said to me and I felt really ashamed.
“It’s been done now!! And we just have to accept it like that. Hmm, have you started the wedding
preparations?” She asked, changing the topic.
“Yeah, we’re going for the invitation cards right from here”, I said, looking away. I couldn’t look at her
“Okay and have you spoken to her parents yet?” She asked.
“Yes mum but not about her pregnancy “, I said.
“She has to tell her parents”, my mum said, glaring at her.
“Yes mum, I will”, she said and my mum nodded.
We continued with our food. Actually they did. I couldn’t eat my food. I just sat there thinking of my life.
Natasha’s POV
I was in my office sorting out files when the door opened.
Not again, I said to myself when the door opened.
“Hello Natasha”.
“Hello Dr Lucas. Do you need something?” I asked him and he sat down without me even telling him to.
“How are you doing?” He asked me.
“I’m fine and you?”
“I’m good. I heard that you’ve called off your engagement and I wanted to make sure that you’re fine”.
“It’s an engagement not a life and yes, I’m fine”, I said to him.
“Okay, we thank God. Uhm, will you be free this evening?”
“I’ll be resting this evening”, I said to him with all honesty.
“Oh. Can you make time for me to take you out for dinner?” He asked.
“No, Lucas. I’ll love to rest and be on my own this evening”, I said, bluntly.
Lucas was really annoying; he has been worrying me ever since he got transferred to this hospital. Even
when I was with June, he didn’t stop.
“Okay, another time then”, he said. He was about to talk again but was interrupted when a super excited
April walked in.
“I’ll take my leave then”, he said and he left.
“Tasha”, she exclaimed.
“What is it?”
“Guess who got herself a brand new car?”
“Me??” I said, laughing.
“Dummy!! You and I”, she said, jumping.
“Wow, what car?” I asked, also getting excited.
“Follow me to the car park and stop asking silly questions”, she said, pulling me out of the office.
We went to the car park and I saw a black Toyota highlander.
“Wow, April. This is so gorgeous. I’m happy for you. You finally got what you wanted.
“I know right. I really worked my butt off for this”, she said smiling.
“It’s really lovely”.
“Yeah, you need to learn how to drive, so that you can drive it when you want it”, she said and I smiled.
“Who said I can’t drive”
“Please don’t start. I don’t want you to die before me. You think I want to mourn you”, she said, laughing.
“Anyway, was that Dr Lucas in your office earlier on”, she asked.
“Yeah and as usual he was asking me out to dinner “, I said.
“And what did you say?”
“No of course”.
“You don’t have June anymore. You have to start being friendly. A dinner won’t hurt”, she said.
“Well, I don’t like Lucas at all. So a dinner would hurt because I’ll have to pretend throughout. I don’t like
such stress”.
“Okay. I just came to show you my car. I’ll be heading back to work now. I’ll talk to you later”, she said,
hugging me and she got into her car and drove off.
Oscar’s POV
Mabel and I were in the car arguing.
She was talking ill about my mum’s actions and I had to shut her up.
“Fine. Go and marry your mother then. Stop this car right now, I don’t want this anymore. I’ll raise the
baby on my own”, she said.
I can’t let her take my baby away from me, so I had to calm her down but she kept yelling.
As I was trying to calm her down, I lost control of the car and we ran into a tree with a huge force.
I hit my head really hard on the steering wheel, but I was conscious enough to call the ambulance.
Mabel just laid there unconscious and I panicked and hoped for the ambulance to get here in time.
Unknown POV
“Where’s my son”, Oscar’s mother said, rushing to the reception desk.
When she got there, Mabel’s parents and sister were already there.
“Madam, calm down. What’s your son’s name?” The nurse asked.
“Oscar Smith”, she said panting.
The nurse looked on her PC, searching for the patient’s name.
“He’s in room 202, it’s just down the hall way”, she said to her and she quickly ran off.
As she got there, she met the doctor coming out of his room.
“How’s my son, doctor?” She asked.
“He’s fine. Just a little head injury”, he said.
“Oh God, my baby’s head has suffered. Thank you doctor”, she said and she walked in.
Oscar was on the bed. He was awake but he had bandages wrapped around his head and he was on drip.
“Oscar, how are you?” She said touching his head.
“Ouch, mom stop. I’m fine but my head hurts”, he said in pain.
“Oh, sorry. What happened?” She asked.
“Mum, it doesn’t matter. Please go and check on my baby and Mabel. I need to know that they’re fine”, he
said to his mum.
“I’m sure they’re fine. You were the one driving, if you’re fine, they’re fine”, she said.
“Mum, that’s your grandson. Go and check please”, he said in pain.
“Alright, I’ll be right back”, she said and she left.
She went back to the reception desk and met Mabel’s parents arguing with the nurse and doctor. She didn’t
know who they were till Mabel’s mum attacked her with words.
“You see what your son did to my baby girl. Now, she has amnesia”, she said to her.
“My son? My baby boy is a good driver. I’m sure your daughter did something to cause this”, she said
with annoyance. “At least, she’s alive. Doctor how’s the baby?” She asked the doctor.
“Baby?” he asked confused and Mabel’s parents looked at her confused.
“Yes. You didn’t know. She said she’s pregnant”, Oscar’s mother said to them.
“I’m sorry but there’s no baby”, the doctor said and Oscar’s mother shouted.
“Do you mean that the baby is gone or there is no baby?”
“There is no baby”, the doctor said, looking at her like was crazy.
“Oh my God. You see I serve a living God. He’s never failed me and will never fail me”, she said.
“Doctor are you sure? It’s just a week old or so”, Monica said, trying to get the doctor to say something
“We always check that whenever a lady is brought in before rendering any treatment”, he said.
“Your daughter is a liar. She lied to my son just to trap him, but you see, you can’t fool a child of God like
that. Thank you doctor. God bless you so much”, she said and ran off.
Some weeks ago
“Monica are you truly over Oscar”, Mabel asked her sister.
“Mmm…Not totally but I’m fine with him. I’m moving on. You don’t have to worry”, she said to her.
“Alright, I have something to tell you”, Mabel said.
“What is it?” She asked her sister.
“I feel like Oscar doesn’t love me anymore. He doesn’t really give me that much attention anymore. And
ever since I accepted his proposal, he’s not really said anything about when we’re getting married. He’s
just there and I’m scared”, she said.
“Hmm, maybe it’s just the marriage pressure. Guys turn to get really terrified with this marriage thing”,
Monica said.
“No, this is different. I just feel someway about it. I don’t want him to get two thoughts about this”, she
“So what do you want to do about it?”
“Get pregnant”, she said.
“You can’t do something risky like that. What if he rejects it or bails on you?” Monica said.
“So what should I do?”
“Fake it or something?” Monica suggested.
“Hmm, and when the need for the bump arises, what do I do?”
“Fake a miscarriage or something. The problem should be how to get him in bed”, Monica said.
“Hmm. I know how to get him. My problem is getting a fake pregnancy test”.
“It’s easy. Just pay one of these poor pregnant women to give you a sample of their urine. Girls do that
these days”, she said.
“Thank you. You’re the best”, she said.
“Hmm, but I’m not cool with it. If you truly love someone, you don’t have to lie to them like that”, Monica
“I know. I feel guilty already, but I just have to save our marriage. I’ll tell him later in life and he’ll thank
me for it”.
“Hmm, okay. You have to be careful though”, she said and Mabel nodded.
Back at the hospital
Oscar’s mother was at the entrance of Oscar’s room. She didn’t know how to break the news to him.
She knew that he’ll be heartbroken and she didn’t want to see him like that, but she had no choice than to
tell him.
She walked in forcing a smile.
“Mom is my baby fine? Is Mabel fine too”, he asked immediately he saw his mum.
“Mabel is fine but…”
“But what? Mum, please tell me that my baby is fine”, he said, getting terrified.
“There’s no baby Oscar”, she said in a low tone.
“What do you mean by there’s no baby?” He asked, confused.
“She’s not pregnant Oscar, she lied to you”, she said to him and he said nothing.
“You don’t have to worry. At least God saved you from getting into a lie”, his mother said, trying to make
him feel better.
She kept on talking and he was just silent.
“Mum, can you please get water for me”, he said to her.
“Alright, I’ll be right back”, she said and she left.
When she returned Oscar wasn’t there.
“Oscar?” She called out and there was no response.


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