My Muse

Written by Ekwe Dionetta Chinaza Joyce
We’ve all had that one person in our lives, that
we were certain that we were meant to be but
most times we were actually wrong. Join Oscar
and Natasha in their journey to find each other.
(Christian Romance) (This story is written in the
first person point of view – POV).

Chapter 1
Natasha’s POV
“June, I‟ve been here for over an hour now and you‟re still not here” I said over the phone, and for the
third time he said he was on his way.
I was really getting furious at him. He was always doing this to me and I was getting really fed up with
this relationship, but if I had ended it, I wasn‟t sure I will be able to get someone better than him, and my
parents won‟t be happy about it. They really liked June because he was the pastor‟s son, and so they felt
like he was Jesus Christ the second.
June has his good side, but he doesn‟t take what I say seriously.
I looked at my glass of cocktail and played with the straw, using it to swirl my drink and then I looked
around and everyone was paired up and they all seemed happy.
I looked at my drink once more and finally sipped it. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn‟t know when
I actually emptied the cup and it was left with just the ice in it.
“Do you need a refill?” the waiter asked and I was really surprised at how fast she got to my table.
“No I‟m good. I‟m actually leaving.” I said with a smile and I dropped the money on the table, “You can
keep the change”, I said and I left.
I got home and met my parents in the living room as usual.
“How was your date”, my mum asked me, smiling.
I didn‟t want to make her sad by complaining about June. She really liked him and I didn‟t want to spoil
him to her.
“It was good”. I said forcing a smile and I went straight to my room.
I dived on my bed and hit it in frustration.
When I relaxed a bit, I took off my heels and clothes and changed into something comfortable.
I took my phone and called my best friend, April. Yeah, my boyfriend is June and my best friend is April.
My mum actually used it as a fact to say that June and I were meant to be.
April and I have been best friends since we were little kids. Her parents and my parents were also really
close. We met at Sunday school. I couldn‟t answer a question right and when all the kids laughed about it,
she stood up for me and whispered the answer into my ears and since then, I‟ve never been able to get her
out of my life.
April got married last year and also got a divorce the same year. It really terrified me and I didn‟t want to
make that kind of mistake.
Everyone saw June and I as the perfect match. We went to church together and were involved in a lot of
church activities. People actually saw us as their „goal‟ couple and they came to us for relationship advice.
Sometimes, it sickened me, because it wasn‟t perfect as they saw it to be. I was actually not always happy
in the relationship, but well, I was hoping for things to get better.
“Hey Tasha, what‟s up? How was your date?” she asked.
“I got tired of waiting for him as usual and I left”.
“Oh God, this boy!!! Tash, why won‟t you just tell him your mind and leave him, he can‟t keep doing this
to you”.
“Hmm, I‟m sure he had a good reason and…”
“Stop it Tasha. Stop it. Stop covering for him. What haven‟t you heard him say before? Traffic, he was
held up at work, he had something to do at church, his mum needed him, and his friends had problems?
Aren‟t you tired of all that?”
“It‟s not his fault April, especially when he has something to do at church”, I said, trying to defend him.
“Don‟t give me that crap. Even his dad has time for his mum. If he wants to be at church always and you
can‟t deal with it, leave him. You can‟t stand by something that hurts you. Some girls can do that, but
that‟s not you”.
“I‟ve heard you, but I‟ll call him and see what happened”.
“Are you crazy? Wait for him to call you himself. No, no, no, don‟t wait for his call or you going to keep
hoping and waiting, and then keep hurting yourself. Read something or watch something and sleep.
You‟ve got work tomorrow morning, you can‟t stay awake thinking and waiting for June”.
“Okay”, I said, thinking about what she said.
“I‟m serious, if you don‟t do it, I‟ll feel it and come over and you‟re going to hear my annoying voice all
night”, she said, laughing.
“Silly girl, I‟ve heard you. I‟m even sleepy, so I will just take a shower and go to bed”, I said, yawning.
“Alright, goodnight. I‟ll talk to you tomorrow”.
“Goodnight April”, I said and I hanged up.
Taking a shower would have just taken the sleep off my eyes, so I decided to sleep without bathing.
I relaxed my mind by trying not to think about anything but sleep and then I slept off.
Oscar’s POV
I was really excited the whole day because I was finally going to ask Mabel out.
We‟ve been dating for three years and I knew she‟s the right one. I couldn‟t just wait to make her my wife.
I invited her over to my house for dinner and I prepared her favorite dish.
When we were done eating, I gave her a glass of wine to drink and yeah, the ring was inside it. I just
hoped that she wasn‟t going to swallow it. But with the way she sipped her wine, she was definitely going
to know that something was inside it.
She took a sip and then widened her eyes. “There‟s something inside the drink!!” she exclaimed.
“I know, just drink up and you‟ll know what it is”, I said, winking at her.
She looked at me confused and drank it. Then she took the ring from the empty glass.
She looked at it with a surprised look and her happy bubbly face changed.
“No Oscar, I can‟t”, she said to me.
I wasn‟t sure if I heard her correctly.
“No to what? I‟ve not even asked anything yet”, I said, hoping that it wasn‟t the proposal that she said the
no to.
“Oscar, I know you are going to ask me to marry you and I‟m not yet ready. Marriage freaks me out”, she
said, freaking out.
“Really? But you‟re always excited and happy when there‟s a sermon on marriage and even when we
attend a friend‟s wedding”, I said, getting annoyed.
“Yeah, but that doesn‟t mean that I‟m ready. I don‟t want to rush into anything, let‟s take it slowly,
okay?” she said, reaching out for my hand, but I pulled away.
“I hear you”, I said and I took the ring from her hands.
I really didn‟t know how to feel or what to do. I can‟t believe that she actually turned down my proposal.
“Oscar, you understand me right?” she asked.
“Yeah, I do”, I said and I quickly poured out a glass of wine for myself and I drank it within few seconds.
I‟ve never been hurt like this before. I can‟t believe that Mabel actually said no. If anyone had told me
that she was going to turn me down, I would have laughed in their face. But here I was.
She‟s not ready? What the heck? We‟ve been dating for three years now and she‟s still not ready? Taking
things slowly? What else does she want?
“Oscar are you okay?” you‟ve spaced out for quite some time”, she asked, worried.
“I‟m fine”, I said, getting up.
“I‟m actually tired and I have to get up really early tomorrow morning for work, you know how it is with
your dad. Let me drop you off”, I said to her, and I took the dishes to the kitchen.
I went back to the dining room and then we left.
The whole ride to her house was silent. When I finally pulled over in front of her house, she spoke up.
“I know you feel rejected, but you know that I‟ll never reject you. I love you Oscar; I just need sometime
before I can get married. I‟m just not ready and I don‟t want to hurt you”.
“It‟s fine Mabel, take all the time you need”, I said, forcing a smile.
“Mmmm, okay”, she said and she pecked me on the cheek and got out of the car.
“Goodnight Oscar”, she said, waving at me.
I waved back and waited for her to get into her house and then I drove off.
On a regular, I would have walked her to her doorstep or even walk her in, but this time, I couldn‟t bring
myself to do it. I was really hurt.
I drove back home and I decided to finish up my wine and let sleep take over.
Natasha’s POV
I was really busy at my work place, trying to finish up with what I had to type before another patient
would walk in. I was a psychologist and I worked at the hospital.
My phone vibrated once more and when I looked at it, it was another call from June. I didn‟t pick up and
he sent a voice mail asking me to pick up.
I was angry and hurt. I woke up this morning hoping to see a missed call or text message from him, but
there was nothing like that. Meaning he didn‟t show up at the place and he didn‟t even bother to let me
know what happened and now, ever since I got to work, he‟s been flooding my phone with calls and
I ignored his call once more and continued with what I was doing. As I was typing, my door opened and
he walked in.
I looked at him and looked away. I wasn‟t going to say anything to him.
“Tasha, I know you‟re upset, but please hear me out”, he said, placing his hands on my table but I
completely ignored him.
“Tasha, I was counseling some people at church and others came with a bigger problem, so I had to
conduct a deliverance session and I lost track of time. When I was done, I was really exhausted and it was
already late for me to show up. I even slept in the church premises. I‟m really sorry for not showing up or
calling to let you know what was going on. I really am and I promise to make it up to you”, he said and I
looked at his face and looked away.
“Natasha please talk to me”, he said, taking his hands off my laptop and I glanced at him.
“June please leave me alone, as you can see, I‟m busy and my next patient might just walk in any moment
from now”, Immediately I said that, we heard a knock on the door and my patient walked in. I used my
eyes to direct June the door.
“I‟ll be back Tasha”, he said and he left.
Oscar’s POV
I was asleep when I heard the doorbell ring. I really struggled before I could get myself to sit up. When I
saw how bright it was, I jumped off my bed.
“Oh my God, what‟s the time”, I said to myself and checked my phone. It was 10 already!!! Oh God, I‟m
toast. I was about to rush into the bathroom and then I remembered that someone was at the door.
I quickly rushed to the door and when I opened it, I wish I didn‟t because the queen of obsession and lust
was at the door.
It was no one but Monica, Mabel‟s twin sister.


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