I have a crush on my best friend

Chapter 1
Jessica was asleep and she was having a wonderful dream. In her dream, she
finally confessed her feelings to her best friend and he felt the same way about
her too.
“ I love you Dean”, she said to him.
“I know you do and I love you too Jess”, he said, wiggling his brows as her eyes
popped open.
He was on her bed, looking at her and he burst out laughing.
“Dean!” She said, widening her eyes when she realized that she it was all a dream.
She quickly sat up and pushed him off her bed.
“What are you doing in my room at this time of the morning?!” She asked, using
her sheets to cover herself.
“What are you hiding? You’re in a nightie”, he said to her.
“And so? The fact that we share an apartment doesn’t give you the right to walk
into my room anytime you like”, she said, glaring at him.
“I’m sorry. I should have left you to sleep and miss your job interview”, he said in
a sarcastic tone and she widened her eyes.
“What’s the time?!” She asked.
“All I know is that you’ve got exactly 30 minutes to get ready and set off”.
“Why didn’t you wake me up earlier than this!!”
“Oh now you are cool with me stepping into your room wi…”
“You could have at least done that an hour ago!”
“I spent hours knocking on your door and blowing up your phone but you were
busy in dream land, professing your love for me”, he said, holding back his
“What? I wasn’t referring to you. You know how much I’m crazy about Dean from
Supernaturals. Get over yourself”.
“Dean? Sure. What ever makes you sleep at night”.
“Don’t say his name like he isn’t the hottest guy on the planet”.
“Well, that’s debatable. But if you’re ready to argue on that instead of getting
ready for your interview, I’m all for that”.
“Oh my God! Time has actually passed. Dean get out of my room”, she exclaimed.
“I’m going”, he said, turning around to leave.
“And the next time you walk into my room without my notice, I’ll kick you out of
the house!
“It’s my house Jess”.
“I don’t care. I’ll do just that!”
“Fine! You better hurry though. Mike is coming to pick me up and I can ask him to
drop you off”.
“That’s nice of you”, she said, grinning. “Can you leave now?” She said to him.
“You’ve got 10 minutes”, he said, grinning and she threw her pillow at him.
“And I know you were talking to me in your dream”, he said, making a face.
“In your dreams!”
“Well, it did happen in yours”, he said smirking and he ran out of the room and
shut the door.
When he left, she quickly ran into her washroom and did her business in there.
Dean and Jessica have known each other ever since they were little and they’ve
been best friends since then.
They were both neighbors back at home and their families were really close.
They both went to the same school since nursery and they had their first split
when they went to different universities.
When Jessica graduated from the university, she moved out of her parents house
permanently to stay with her boyfriend.
The relationship ended months after and she didn’t want to move back in with
her parents, so she moved in with Dean who recently got a job and a new
Jessica had a younger sister who was still in college and a younger brother who
was in high school. She was very close to her siblings and she loved being around
She also loved being around Dean. She’s had a crush on him ever since they were
in Junior High school but she hid it from him because she didn’t want to ruin her
friendship with him and she was also scared of being rejected.
Dean on the other hand, had a girlfriend that he’s been dating for almost 6
months and he was really into her.
Jessica had other female friends but they were not that close. So, most of the time,
she was always at home alone. And sometimes she visited her family back at
home and her sister in school.

Ian’s friend dropped her off and she quickly ran into the building.
“You left your appointment letter!” Ian yelled but she didn’t hear him.
“Oh Lord. This girl”, he said, face palming.
“I’ll be right back. Let me drop this off with her”, he said to his friend and he got
off the car.
On his way in, he met Jessica who was panting like she had gone for a long run.
“I guess you’re here for this”, he said, handing it over to her.
“Thank you! I’m so late. I don’t even know if I’ll be permitted to have this
“Jess! Stop the talking and go!” He said to her and she quickly ran off.
She quickly took the elevator and when she arrived on the right floor, she
stormed out and ran off to the room in which the interview was being held.
She met other people there and she took her seat. She was really nervous and
“Breathe!” She said to herself as she tried to calm down.
She quickly said a word of prayer and waited patiently.
A lady stepped out of a room and called out a name which wasn’t hers. This made
her uncomfortable because she knew that her allocated time had passed.
The lady who was called didn’t respond.
“Lydia Bannerman”, the lady called out and Jessica looked around and no one
responded. The lady was about to walk back into the room and Jessica stood up
“Uhm excuse me”, she said and the lady turned around.
“Are you Lydia Bannerman?” The lady asked.
“No, but I’m Jessica Thompson. I think uhm, my time has passed and I was
wondering if I could still do it and fill up the time for Lydia”, she said and they
lady gave her a weird look.
“Do you think we are running a charity here? If you really wanted this job, you
would have been here an hour before your allocated time. Your first impression
already sucks and I don’t think we’ll want someone who can’t stick to the time
given to her”.
“I know that but please just let me have the interview atleast. If I don’t get picked,
I’ll understand that it was because of my lateness. Please???”
“If you don’t get picked? There’s no way you’ll get picked when she realizes that
you were late”.
“I’m willing to take that risk. Please??”
“Fine, wait here”, she said and she walked back into the room.
Jess was so worried. She began to pray and she asked God to let it work out for
her. As she was busy praying silently, the lady stepped out of the room.
“You should thank your God that she’s in a good mood to even hear you out. You
can go in”, the lady said to her and she walked into the room.
“Good morning”, she said to her.
“Good morning. Kindly take a seat”, she said to her and she sat opposite her.
She was so nervous and she just had to look around to make herself comfortable.
The office was really huge and the interior was beautiful. After observing the
room, she focused her gaze on the lady seated opposite her.
She couldn’t believe that she was sitting across Erica Day, one of the most famous
designers in the country.
Ever since Jessica was in high school, she’s always had the dream of being a
fashion designer although her friends spoke so little of it. They always teased her
of wanting to be a seamstress.
Her parents were also not in support of her career choices but that didn’t stop
her from applying for the job when she came across it.
Erica Day owned a huge fashion design company and it was really surprising to
everyone when she decided to carry out the interview herself.
She needed a new personal assistant and she wasn’t satisfied with the choices
made by her Human Resource team in the past years. So , she decided to conduct
this herself.
“Jessica Thomson. Right?”
“You were late! And normally, I wouldn’t want to interview you because I don’t
play with my time but I’m in a good mood today and I just want to hear what you
have to say considering the fact that you have a your bachelor’s degree in
“Thank you so much ma’am”.
“I’m just in my late 30s. Please don’t call me that. Just Erica would be fine”.
“Okay ma’am. Sorry Erica”.
“Hmmm. I was really surprised when I came across your application. You’re a
physics degree holder and you’ve never been to a fashion design school. Am I
“Yes ma…Erica. But I’ve read a lot concerning fashion and I’ve taken a couple of
online courses”.
“Everyone has definitely read something and watched a couple of videos. That
isn’t enough but I’m going to give you the opportunity to tell me why you should
be hired. Your CV and cover letter doesn’t say enough. The pictures of your work
caught my eye but it still isn’t enough. So Jessica, why should I pick you out of all
the qualified people out there who studied fashion design”.
“Okay, I…..”, she said, stuttering.
“God please be with me”, she said to herself and she took a deep breathe.
“My parents have always been against me each time I spoke about being a
fashion designer and each time I sewed something for my mum, she always
looked down on it and didn’t appreciate it. Sometimes, it made me doubt myself
but one day, she had a huge occasion to attend and she didn’t have any outfit for
“So, she gave me some money to buy a dress from your collection. So I went to a
boutique to purchase it. I saw a very beautiful dress of yours and then a crazy
thought crossed my mind. I quickly took off and went back home. Luckily, she
wasn’t at home. So, I spent the whole day and night, sewing something similar to
the dress and I added my own touch to it”.
“The following day, I handed over the dress to her and she spoke so high of it and
spent the day talking about how creative you were. It made me so happy and
since then I knew that I was made for this”, she said, forcing a smile but Erica
didn’t seem to be impressed.


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