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I Have A Crush On My Best Friend

Jessica was asleep and she was having a wonderful dream. In her dream, she finally confessed her feelings to her best friend and he felt the same way about her too.
“ I love you Dean”, she said to him.
“I know you do and I love you too Jess”, he said, wiggling his brows as her eyes
popped open.
He was on her bed, looking at her and he burst out laughing.
“Dean!” She said, widening her eyes when she realized that it was all a dream. She quickly sat up and pushed him off her bed.
“What are you doing in my room at this time of the morning?!” She asked, using her sheets to cover herself.
“What are you hiding? You’re in a nightie”, he said to her.
“And so? The fact that we share an apartment doesn’t give you the right to walk into my room anytime you like”, she said, glaring at him.
“I’m sorry. I should have left you to sleep and miss your job interview”, he said in a sarcastic tone and she widened her eyes.
“What’s the time?!” She asked.
“All I know is that you’ve got exactly 30 minutes to get ready and set off”.

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My Muse

Natasha’s POV
“June, I‟ve been here for over an hour now, and you‟re still not here,” I said over the phone, and for the third time, he said he was on his way.
I was really getting furious at him. He was always doing this to me and I was getting really fed up with this relationship, but if I had ended it, I wasn‟t sure I will be able to get someone better than him, and my parents won‟t be happy about it. They really liked June because he was the pastor‟s son, and so they felt like he was Jesus Christ the second.
June has his good side, but he does ‟t take what I say seriously.
I looked at my glass of cocktail and played with the straw, using it to swirl my drink then I looked around and everyone was paired up and they all seemed happy.
I looked at my drink once more and finally sipped it. I was so lost in my thoughts that I did ‟t know when I actually emptied the cup and it was left with just the ice in it.
“Do you need a refill?” the waiter asked and I was really surprised at how fast she got to my table.
“No, I‟m good. I‟m actually leaving.” I said with a smile and I dropped the money on the table, “You can keep the change”, I said and I left.
I got home and met my parents in the living room as usual.

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Dionetta Ekwe

Dionetta Ekwe

Author Of The Best Creative Writer
  • Best Author for May `17

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